Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness

Most people get shy at some stages through their lives. Shyness at school is a biggie, so many different people and so much to prove. Spot the shy one Some people hide behind their looks and pretend to be something that they’re not to combat their shyness. Others are just too involved in their interests … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness

Tribestyle: The Style Of Fame And Notoriety

Most people in The Tribe are known for something. The Mallrats were known for finding the antidote and for bringing down the Chosen. But certain individuals in The Tribe are well known around the city too. Here’s a few examples. Ebony Ebony likes to get attention especially from men. When she became City Leader she … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style Of Fame And Notoriety

Tribestyle: The Style Of Survival

Everyone in Tribeworld is out to survive. There are many personalities within the people in Tribeworld and each one uses different survival skills whether it be brains, brawn or deception. LEX – sneaky Lex is a tough guy. He’s always looking out for number one. He’s not afraid of much and is always on the … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style Of Survival

Tribestyle: Style File – Do Blondes Have More Fun?

There is an age old phrase that says blondes have more fun. Do we believe this? Is it fact or fiction? Let’s look a light hearted look at the evidence… ELLIE Ellie seems to be the argumentative type but with her flowing blonde locks she still manages to score a number of mighty fine looking men! … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style File – Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

We will all fall in love at some point in our lives – but we are all different and do things differently. How do you feel about love? What is your style? This special style article looks at something more important than clothes, fashion, hair or make-up and appearances – it’s what’s on the inside … Continue reading Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

Tribestyle: Scary Style

The Demon Dogs front up to the Locos The Smile are looking scary The Locos are ready for a fight the Mozzies show who’s in charge There are so many different looks in the Tribe and not all of them are nice! Some are pretty weird looking and others are just plain scary! The Mall … Continue reading Tribestyle: Scary Style

Tribestyle: Style of Communication

Before the virus there were many types of communication. There were phones, mobile phones, pagers, email, post and a few more. All this communication equipment that had been developed over the years is now useless in Tribeworld. So we’re going to step back in time and see how people used to communicate thousands of years … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style of Communication

Tribestyle: Friendship and Enemies – Part 2

Enemies can almost play as big a part as friends in someones life. There will always be people throughout your life that you don’t like. It could be for whatever reason, their attitude, their looks, their lifestyle or even something they have done to you directly. There can be a few levels of dislike – … Continue reading Tribestyle: Friendship and Enemies – Part 2