Fan Feedback on Books

The latest book ‘The Tribe: Birth Of The Mall Rats” as well as the other recent books ‘The Tribe: A New World’ and ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ have all received a phenomenal response from readers around the world, thank you for all the great comments and feedback!

Here are some comments from fans (received on The Tribe’s Facebook page, as well as in emails) and thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback and support.

The Tribe: Birth Of The Mall Rats – Feedback

the-tribe-birth-of-the-mall-ratsHarry Duffin does an incredible job of marrying both the tight storylines of the opening episodes of The Tribe with an indepth look into the tribes (i.e gangs) and characters that were only given a limited view… If you are new to The Tribe, then Birth of the Mall Rats is a fantastic spring-board to get you into the show, but there are enough new insights and details within this book to warrant the purchase for old fans to relive the opening sagas in a new format
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This particular book tell the story of The Mall Rats’ beginnings and stays true to the TV series but with the added advantage of being able to fill in more detail and explain the thought processes of the characters further.  A must have for any Tribe fan and an excellent place to start for anyone looking to experience a world without adults left in the hands of the youth of today!
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It is just like season 1. I hope they write books for the rest of the seasons, that would be wonderful.. Keep the dream alive.
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I am only half way through and i love it. I the show as a kid and loved it so when i saw this on kindle i thought why not. it has brought back why i loved the show so much. the only disappointment is that the second book has yet to come out.
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The Tribe A New World – Feedback

The Tribe A New WorldSO good.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful Tribe staff getting the book out to us.  Thanks to AJ Penn for giving us a story we have all been waiting so long for.
– Lisa Sams

I couldn’t put it down, I just finished reading it! Just wanted to say you guys did an amazing job in picking A.J. Penn to write it, because it’s absolutely wonderful!
– Sabine Kivits

Amazing – you won’t be able to put it down.  Can’t wait for future releases to see what happens next.
– Mike Thacker

What a brilliant story.  Very well done.  Can’t wait for the next!
– Duane Andrew Johns

Loved it!  A J Penn did a great job.  Can’t wait for the next book now!
– Michelle Darry

Amazing!  I can’t wait for the next one.  Thank you A J for this great contribution to an already amazing story
– Hazel Rose

Loved it!  A J Penn did a great job.  Can’t wait for the next book now!
– Michelle Darry

Thank you to A J Penn for this fantastic continuation of an incredible story that means so very much, to so many people
– Thomas Dryburgh

Just finished the book, amazing.  Hanging for the next instalment.
– Ambertribe

Loving the book !  Can’t wait for the next one!  Totally hooked and can’t wait to read more
– Lori Todd

Simply breathtaking.  A J Penn has done an outstanding job considering how the show finished and its tightly packed history.   Cannot wait for the next instalment.  Amazing.
– Lance Mitchell

Loving my book.
– Amanda Jack

Finished the book, now how long till the next one?  Any chance we can get it now – want to know what happens next!!!!
– Marie Stanway

There are some awesome arguments in A New World and it really reminds me why I love The Tribe, the raging emotions.  I really don’t want this book to end
– Paul Young

Keeping The Dream Alive – Feedback

Keeping The Dream Alive front coverI loved Keeping The Dream Alive, I just couldn’t put it down. An amazing book, it was a joy to read
– Wendy Young

OMG! Ray’s book was awesome
– Sabrina Maree Beilharz

I read Keeping The Dream Alive on holiday and it’s fantastic!
– Nicola Matthews

Couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended
– Scottie Jacobs

You must buy that book if you haven’t already – it’s awesome and cool. I loved it. I am recommending it left and right. I have a feeling though Raymond Thompson is planning more anecdotes and stories to tell on life, working on The Tribe and the other series of Cloud 9. I would definitely love to read more if he does and support the idea of a volume 2 if one was planned.
– Shabbs

I was really touched reading it all. It’s amazing to read what problems Ray had to face getting to this point in his life. Thanks to him for writing something this amazing. Thank you for keeping your dream alive so we all have this to enjoy.
– Sabine Kivits

Absolutely love the book
– Jade Moriarty

Loved the book. Couldn’t put it down.
– Adam Lovejoy

Awesome…. highly recommended.
– Scott Richards

If you would like to give some feedback about ‘The Tribe: A New World’ (or ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’) then drop us a line via email or leave a comment on The Tribe’s Facebook