News: 21st December 2001

Have a very merry Tribal Christmas – and a Happy New Year!! We hope that you all have a fantastic and safe Christmas and a great New Year! May all your dreams and wishes come true! Don’t forget to phone the Tribeworld Hotline for all the latest updates and gossip. There will be new messages … Continue reading News: 21st December 2001

News: 15th December 2001

TRIBE SERIES 4 The Tribe series 4 is coming! The countdown has begun. There are many different characters who you will grow to love … or hate! Hundreds of fans have already been emailing and writing in to say how much they like the look of the newest gorgeous girls and guys that you will … Continue reading News: 15th December 2001

Tribe News: 19th November 2001

****EXCLUSIVE NEWS**** Guess what?! Some of your favourite cast members will be on a promotional tour of Europe in late January! Countries and other such plans are still being locked off but we wanted to let you know as soon as possible that plans are in the process! So watch this space and we’ll let … Continue reading Tribe News: 19th November 2001

News: 9th November 2001

WORLD EXCLUSIVE TRIBE 4 VIDEO CLIP!! Oooo the countdown is on! Not too long to go until Tribe 4 starts hitting television screens around the world!! We know loads of fans and viewers are excited and eagerly anticipating what happens – and we promise there are some amazing new things and fantastic storylines in this … Continue reading News: 9th November 2001

News: 15th October 2001

Well Tribesters, we have been really busy! Laura Wilson andTodd Emersonhave been in to the office to chat with fans on the Atlantis High site.To find out what they said, Check out the Atlantis High site This week you can talk to Lucy Gamble who plays Sophie May. She’s the cuter than cute hometown girl with … Continue reading News: 15th October 2001