A new gathering of The Tribes?

Gather The Tribe!  Cloud 9 has been approached to establish if the company would give permission to hold an official Tribal Gathering in Germany, attended by some of the cast, along with Ray, AJ, and perhaps Harry. This would be an official event, but in order to establish the feasibility, would you please indicate if … Continue reading A new gathering of The Tribes?

Latest News from Ray

Hey Tribeworld, It is difficult to believe that when we reactivated Tribeworld and announced new Tribal developments that my beloved Dad (who was always a huge Tribe fan since the days way back when I was a young teenager and was keen to do a story about young people changing the world) was really thrilled. … Continue reading Latest News from Ray

The Tribe Memorabilia Grand ‘Thank you’ Sale

We are very proud of the loyal and fantastic fans who support The Tribe. Over the years there have been many conventions, Tribal gatherings, tours by the cast and appearances all round the world (with the next online gathering to celebrating 50,000 members on The Tribe’s official Facebook page). As a big ‘thank you’ to … Continue reading The Tribe Memorabilia Grand ‘Thank you’ Sale

The Tribe Commemorative DVD

We have news about The Tribe Commemorative DVD, released to celebrate the online Tribal Gathering that happened on 26th June 2011… First, the good news – the DVD is now shipping to all who have ordered it around the world!  Yay! :cheer: Now some bad news – the DVD is NOT going to be its … Continue reading The Tribe Commemorative DVD

Tribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Women’s T-shirt

The Tribe Girls/Women’s T-shirt – Bringing the Dream to the World Limited edition Tribe on Tour women’s white t-shirt with embroidered Tribe logo on front and unique ‘Bringing the Dream to the World’ embroidered on the back. Extremely limited edition, created to coincide with a Tribe Tour.  Various sizing available (please choose from drop-down menu … Continue reading Tribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Women’s T-shirt

Tribe Collectables: Tribe poster 2

Tribe poster 2 Featuring silver plasma style logo 92cms x 62cms. Used on the official Tribe tours, these posters travelled with members of The Tribe cast as they made live appearances at television broadcasters, fan gatherings and conventions such as DragonCon. Price in New Zealand Dollars: (was $19.95 NZD now on sale at $17.95NZD).

Kika Germany – Behind The Scenes Tribe Tour Video

The Tribe in Germany, a behind the scenes video of The Tribe Tour and Kika! Quicktime Version Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktime 3 video clip starts downloading. Please note that this track is copyright © 2002 Cloud 9 (The Tribe) Limited. It is only available for personal viewing on your PC and … Continue reading Kika Germany – Behind The Scenes Tribe Tour Video