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Encounters between The Tribe and Star Trek

On The Tribe’s YouTube Channel, a video has been posted of some crossover encounters between the worlds of Star Trek and The Tribe…

The Tribe fan parody video
Some fans of The Tribe in Denmark have recently uploaded a fun parody video of The Tribe, filmed with their friends.  We think it’s great, check it out if you haven’t yet!…

tribe-cosplay-1-smFans of The Tribe and Cosplay!
Recently some fans have shared their incredible cosplay costumes of The Tribe – and we thought we should in turn share their amazing creations for you to see and enjoy…  Continue reading > 

Inside The Tribe – new series of behind the scenes videos

On The Tribe’s official YouTube Channel, a new series has launched of behind the scenes featurettes about the making of The Tribe… Continue reading >

Press release and Variety article
A press release is going out and there is an article in Variety.  Continue reading >

Amber reveals to Ebony she wants to split up from Jay (parody video)
We have a fun exclusive clip featuring Beth Allen (Amber) and Meryl Cassie (Ebony) ad libbing about Jay – and Amber’s plans to split from him.  Continue reading >Amber Ebony split up from Jay

The Tribe books available now on Apple iBook store, Amazon Kindle, Google Play and in paperback edition!

The Tribe books now available

Want to know what happens after the boat leaves the city in season 5?  The official story continues in The Tribe: A New World (series 6 equivalent) and The Tribe: A New Dawn (series 7).  There’s also a ‘making of’ The Tribe book called Keeping The Dream Alive by Raymond Thompson and a fantastic novelisation of Series 1 called The Tribe: Birth of The Mall Rats by Harry Duffin.  Continue reading >

Music from The Tribe now available on soundtrack albums from the series

The Tribe soundtrack music albums

There are two soundtrack albums featuring music from all five seasons of The Tribe to date: The Tribe Soundtrack Volume 1 and Volume 2 Tribe soundtrack, and these are available digitally on Apple iTunes stores worldwide, Google Play and Amazon MP3.  Also released are soundtracks from Cloud 9’s series Revelations soundtrack (starring Tom Hern and some familiar cameos from The Tribe cast), Atlantis High soundtrack (with Michael Wesley-Smith) and the Spirit Symphony by Raymond Thompson, performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  Continue reading >

buttecup-the-tribe-and-her-impossible-dreamIn support of Buttercup and her Impossible Dream
An inspiring short film has just been released about a huge fan of The Tribe and her dream to visit New Zealand – and plans are in place… Continue reading >

Costumes, style and Scott Pilgrim
We love Scott Pilgrim, as do many fans of The Tribe – so it was great to discover the Tribal inspiration behind one of the main character’s looks…  Continue reading >