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The Tribe and Scott Pilgrim

We know many fans of The Tribe are also huge fans of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fantastic Scott Pilgrim comic books (and the movie, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World).

envy-adams-scott-pilgrimOn a recent Tumblr post, the creator of Scott Pilgrim mentioned one of the ‘looks’ of the character Envy Adams (played by Brie Larson in the movie) in the Scott Pilgrim universe was influenced by the look of Amber (Beth Allen) from The Tribe…

Envy Adams hairstyle from early hair & makeup tests for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

amber-the-tribeShe has her hair like this in parts of the book, which I fully admit was inspired by Amber from The Tribe“.

There is also a reference to The Tribe in the Scott Pilgrim comic books – and another ‘Canadian connection’ in that Bryan Lee O’Malley lived in Toronto, Canada – as did Raymond Thompson (creator of The Tribe), who emigrated to Canada as a teenager (where he had some of his first ideas for what eventually became The Tribe, more about it can be read in the making of The Tribe memoir book, Keeping The Dream Alive).

Check out Radiomaru, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Tumblr blog to see the full article and for more from the creator of the wonderful Scott Pilgrim comics!

A lot of fans have been writing in to ask about a Tribe manga (or graphic novel).  We know there’s a huge amount of interest.  Raymond Thompson is a massive fan of comics (including Scott Pilgrim) so watch this space… anyone else excited by the prospect of a Tribe manga?