Buttercup’s Impossible Dream and The Tribe!

Through his charity (the Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation), Ray has been working with the HitRecord community headed by the awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Impossible Dream of a dedicated Tribe fan.  Check out the link  for the video  (45 seconds ish into the video will reveal all) and we’re sure that even the (impossible) dream will … Continue reading Buttercup’s Impossible Dream and The Tribe!

The Tribe Forum

We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘The Tribe Forum‘! Many friends and fans of The Tribe over the years used to use The Tribe’s Bulletin Message Boards (such as ‘Eyeboards’), and we are delighted by popular request to relaunch a new Board, which can be joined on thetribeforum.com To Join Visit thetribeforum.com to register. … Continue reading The Tribe Forum