Tribe News Update June 2013

We have received a personal message to share from Raymond Thompson, CEO of Cloud 9 (and Exec Producer/creator The Tribe)… “Hey Tribeworld, The team have been chasing me for news and updates so I thought I would write to you personally to let you know that I have been out of circulation working on another … Continue reading Tribe News Update June 2013

The Tribe and Scott Pilgrim

We know many fans of The Tribe are also huge fans of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fantastic Scott Pilgrim comic books (and the movie, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World). On a recent Tumblr post, the creator of Scott Pilgrim mentioned one of the ‘looks’ of the character Envy Adams (played by Brie Larson in the movie) … Continue reading The Tribe and Scott Pilgrim

The Tribe Forum

We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘The Tribe Forum‘! Many friends and fans of The Tribe over the years used to use The Tribe’s Bulletin Message Boards (such as ‘Eyeboards’), and we are delighted by popular request to relaunch a new Board, which can be joined on To Join Visit to register. … Continue reading The Tribe Forum

Revelations Competition Time – Answers

Congratulations to Nicola Matthews – the winner of our Revelations end title sequence competition! The correct answers are (main cast Tribe members): Tom Hern Miriama Smith Vicky Rodewyk Ryan Runciman Meryl Cassie Damon Andrews Jacinta Wawatai Ari Boyland   A total of eight, those who correctly identified went into the draw (however Jason Gascoyne and … Continue reading Revelations Competition Time – Answers

Competition Time

Fans of The Tribe – how good are you at recognising members of The Tribe cast? In response to many requests, we have uploaded an episode of Revelations (and will do another one soon).  Now… Competition time! How many Tribe cast you can notice in the END TITLES of either Revelations video clip. All correct … Continue reading Competition Time

Tribemaster Video Hints at new Tribe audiobooks, DVDs, music, audible drama

Tribemaster has the latest word on Tribe news and developments in this video, including hints at Tribe audiobooks, a Tribe ‘radio’ audible drama, new soundtrack releases in September 2011, and Tribe DVDs being available soon… Tribemaster may be cryptic, but he/she/it has an uncanny knack for keeping us up to date on Tribal matters of … Continue reading Tribemaster Video Hints at new Tribe audiobooks, DVDs, music, audible drama

The Tribe reference in Scott Pilgrim

Many of the team (as well as being complete fans of The Tribe of course!!) and many Tribe fans have greatly enjoyed Bryan Lee O’Malley’s wonderful Scott Pilgrim graphic novels over the years and the movie starring Michael Cera which was released in 2010. We’ve had a lot of enquiries from fans of The … Continue reading The Tribe reference in Scott Pilgrim

The Tribe Commemorative DVD

We have news about The Tribe Commemorative DVD, released to celebrate the online Tribal Gathering that happened on 26th June 2011… First, the good news – the DVD is now shipping to all who have ordered it around the world!  Yay! :cheer: Now some bad news – the DVD is NOT going to be its … Continue reading The Tribe Commemorative DVD

Tribe News round up: Tribe Novels, Books, DVDs, Music and more!

We’ve got a lot of news about The Tribe to bring you – let’s get started! Tribe Novels for 2011: “The Tribe – A New World” We have the first information on official Tribe novels coming out in 2011! The first, ‘The Tribe – A New World’ (Working title, but this may change, by A J Penn) is … Continue reading Tribe News round up: Tribe Novels, Books, DVDs, Music and more!