Revelations Competition Time – Answers

Congratulations to Nicola Matthews – the winner of our Revelations end title sequence competition! The correct answers are (main cast Tribe members): Tom Hern Miriama Smith Vicky Rodewyk Ryan Runciman Meryl Cassie Damon Andrews Jacinta Wawatai Ari Boyland   A total of eight, those who correctly identified went into the draw (however Jason Gascoyne and … Continue reading Revelations Competition Time – Answers

Competition Time

Fans of The Tribe – how good are you at recognising members of The Tribe cast? In response to many requests, we have uploaded an episode of Revelations (and will do another one soon).  Now… Competition time! How many Tribe cast you can notice in the END TITLES of either Revelations video clip. All correct … Continue reading Competition Time

Tribe Collectables: Revelations Crew Beanie

Revelations Crew Beanie Hat An exclusive item made for the cast and crew as a souvenir for taking part in the production of the television series, Revelations…The Initial Journey (which stars Tom Hern (RAM) and many other members of Tribe cast with cameos from Beth Allen, Caleb Ross, Meryl Cassie and more).  Featuring gold embroidered … Continue reading Tribe Collectables: Revelations Crew Beanie

The Tribe Soundtrack now on Apple iTunes!

We are delighted to announce that Volume 1 of The Tribe Soundtrack (and some other Cloud 9 music releases – see below!) is now available on Apple iTunes stores around the world for digital download to your Ipod, Ipad, computer, mobile phone! In the near future, The Tribe Soundtrack Volume 1 will also be available … Continue reading The Tribe Soundtrack now on Apple iTunes!