Disabilities in The Tribe

There are over 6.5 million people with disabilities in Great Britain alone. A disability can be long term or short term, they can be physical or mental disabilities. Kids in The Tribe still have to live with disabilities long after their parents are gone. Paul was the first person in The Tribe we were to … Continue reading Disabilities in The Tribe

Siblings and Sibling Rivalry

Do you have brothers or sisters? Sibling relationships are often close but very complex. Emotions such as love, respect and pride sometimes clash with less favourable traits such as jealousy and animosity. Sound familiar?? Like all sibling relationships, the ones in the Tribe display the same complexities that many of us experience at home. Later … Continue reading Siblings and Sibling Rivalry

Overcoming shyness

Many of us are shy in certain situations. To be shy can mean being afraid to make mistakes and having a feeling of awkwardness, particularly at social events. Shy people are often quite self-critical and self-conscious and can elevate other peoples abilities and ideas at the expense of their own. Shyness can range from being … Continue reading Overcoming shyness