Tribestyle: The Style Of Fame And Notoriety

Most people in The Tribe are known for something. The Mallrats were known for finding the antidote and for bringing down the Chosen. But certain individuals in The Tribe are well known around the city too. Here’s a few examples. Ebony Ebony likes to get attention especially from men. When she became City Leader she … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style Of Fame And Notoriety

The Power of the Media – Part One

This week we take a look at the major media force in Tribeworld, ‘The Amulet’. Next week we will take a comparative look at the media in the world as we know it today. The Amulet The Amulet as we know it today What is the Amulet? Regular publication to announce the latest news in … Continue reading The Power of the Media – Part One

The Power of the Media – Part Two

This week we take a look at the media in general and what effect it can have on society, through certain events such as elections and why journalists are always striving for the ‘big’ story! The Media incorporates several mediums, through TV, newspapers and magazines, which are specialists in featuring the latest news, feature articles, … Continue reading The Power of the Media – Part Two

Tattoos and Tribal Designs

It has been claimed that tattooing has been around since 12,000BC. Tattoos have always played an important role in ritual and tradition. Throughout history tattoos have signified membership to a society or tribal group but have also long been a form of body decoration. Cultural Tattoos Some of the earliest tattoos were found in Egypt … Continue reading Tattoos and Tribal Designs

Natural Fibres

Hemp Your mum may be a bit alarmed when she sees you sporting your new hemp friendship necklace. She, like many people, is making the mistake of confusing your fashion statement with the better-known by-product of the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis is actually an extremely diverse species, with thousands of different strains, each possessing different … Continue reading Natural Fibres

Slip, Slop, Slap

Whereas tanned skin used to be an attractive aesthetic indicating activity and good health, tanned skin has recently come to take on a negative connotation. Warning of sunburn, leathery skin, and even cancer compel us away from our parents’ childhood tactic of sitting in the sun just to tan and teach us the new rules … Continue reading Slip, Slop, Slap