Electricity in The Tribe

Power and Chaos…but no power Imagine a world without power – no lights, no computers, no tv’s, no dishwashers, toasters, hairdryers or electric toothbrushes. No ovens, microwaves or stereos. This is how life would be if there were no adults to run power stations and no one to run the technological infrastructure. In the beginning … Continue reading Electricity in The Tribe

The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics

At the end of Tribe IV, Ram’s great plan is revealed. The purpose of ‘The Game’ is to create a population of silent and subservient virts, who will work year upon year to maintain him in cyber – paradise. Where is cyber paradise for Ram? It appears to be the scene of childhood memories, free … Continue reading The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics

Hazardous Waste

It’s the year 2080. Homer Simpson is gone, the Springfield Power Station has closed down – there are no TVs to power The Simpson’s antics. The Earth is covered in a green glowing substance. Lakes and rivers bubble radioactive material. There are no green trees, no animals, no adults and no children. It is strangely … Continue reading Hazardous Waste

Transportation, Perspective, and Power

You can track man’s progress by the way he makes his way through the world. There was a time when the only way to get from place to place was to take yourself there—on foot. What did this mean? Don’t wander far from home, kid. Moving on foot has some immediate consequences on your way … Continue reading Transportation, Perspective, and Power