Tribestyle: Style and Where You Are

Our location and close environment affect our style. Someone who is born and spends their life only in a city would have a different style and outlook compared to someone else who is born and spends their life only in the countryside. This is because the way of life in the city is different to … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style and Where You Are

The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics

At the end of Tribe IV, Ram’s great plan is revealed. The purpose of ‘The Game’ is to create a population of silent and subservient virts, who will work year upon year to maintain him in cyber – paradise. Where is cyber paradise for Ram? It appears to be the scene of childhood memories, free … Continue reading The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics

The Eco-Tribe Vibe

As you may know in Series 3 there is a new Tribe called the “Eco-Tribe” (also known as the “Gaians” and a prominent member of them is PRIDE (another is a certain character known as EAGLE!). This worldview article looks at the environment and ecological issues in the Tribe in general, and with Pride and … Continue reading The Eco-Tribe Vibe

Pollution in the Tribe

From the beginning of Tribe Series 1, we often saw the Mall Rats at meal times. Because of the scarcity and shortage of food and valuable nature of anything they could get their hands on there would’ve been very few food leftovers/scraps. Patsy and Cloe are wandering the dirty streets with a bit of nature … Continue reading Pollution in the Tribe

Hazardous Waste

It’s the year 2080. Homer Simpson is gone, the Springfield Power Station has closed down – there are no TVs to power The Simpson’s antics. The Earth is covered in a green glowing substance. Lakes and rivers bubble radioactive material. There are no green trees, no animals, no adults and no children. It is strangely … Continue reading Hazardous Waste

Natural Fibres

Hemp Your mum may be a bit alarmed when she sees you sporting your new hemp friendship necklace. She, like many people, is making the mistake of confusing your fashion statement with the better-known by-product of the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis is actually an extremely diverse species, with thousands of different strains, each possessing different … Continue reading Natural Fibres

Slip, Slop, Slap

Whereas tanned skin used to be an attractive aesthetic indicating activity and good health, tanned skin has recently come to take on a negative connotation. Warning of sunburn, leathery skin, and even cancer compel us away from our parents’ childhood tactic of sitting in the sun just to tan and teach us the new rules … Continue reading Slip, Slop, Slap

Our Environment

One of the forgotten values in the modern world is the love of the environment. We live in silvered cityscapes. Cement and Chrome decorate our world like trees in a forest. The only truly natural element that we city-folk see is the sky…and that is often discoloured by smog and light-pollution. Our only connection to … Continue reading Our Environment