Tribestyle: Style and Where You Are

Our location and close environment affect our style.

Someone who is born and spends their life only in a city would have a different style and outlook compared to someone else who is born and spends their life only in the countryside.

This is because the way of life in the city is different to the way of life in the countryside.

In the Tribe, some characters and tribes have a certain type of style if they are based in the city whereas other tribes and characters have a different behavior and style if they are based in the countryside.

The location where you are shapes your style.

There are many countryside tribes that are made up of survivors in the Tribe who decide to leave the city. Some think the city is too dangerous, others feel that there may be adults still surviving outside in the countryside. Others feel there would be food in farms and crops in the countryside.

Some tribes in the countryside are made up of survivors who may have always spent their lives outside cities and know no other way of life.

There is a Nomad Tribe that is led by Troy. The Nomads are based outside the city and are made up of refugees and fugitives. The Nomads are a wandering tribe who move around the countryside and grow their own food which they trade with city based Tribes. The Nomads also own animals, which they use to help move their goods and themselves.

The countryside style of living of the Nomads results in their unique style. Nomads from the outside seem to be peaceful and relaxed – after all, they don’t live in the often dangerous and stressful city so they have a different outlook on life.

Nomads don’t find clothes from abandoned shops because there aren’t any in the countryside. Instead, Nomads make their own clothes with styles embracing animal and plant designs, which reflect the Nomads’ way of life.

Nomads don’t travel around in old cars or use skateboards and rollerboots because these would be of no use in the countryside. Instead, Nomads use horses, ponies and dogs, as well as chickens and other animals – because these are of use in the countryside, and this gives the Nomads a certain style.

By comparison, city based tribes like the Locos and the Demon Dogs have a different style. They do use old cars and vehicles, skateboards and rollerboots – and have less use for animals (unless they are eating them!).

Locos and Demon Dogs do not embrace animal and plant designs in their clothes and make-up like the Nomads do – but instead they use graffiti and city images.

In the past, philosophers spent thousands of hours trying to answer the question – does our thinking shape and determine our location or does our location shape and determine our thinking? The philosophers never came up with a proper answer to this question but it is fair to say that whether we live in a suburb, in a city centre, in a quiet village or in the remote countryside – all of this affects our style.

Style in the Tribe is therefore influenced by where characters are – and what their way of life is in that location.