Tribestyle: Style Shaped By Whatever You Could Find

In the Tribe, normal society and everyday life have broken down.

With no shops, factories, restaurants, transport and other services we enjoy today, living would be a lot harder.

There would be a struggle to survive because there would be less food and drink available, less clothes to wear, less goods and things to own – and that would all affect your style.

You wouldn’t be able to go to the shops and buy whatever clothes or make-up you wanted because there wouldn’t be any more shops selling clothes and make-up!

Instead, you would have to try to use whatever you could find.

This is how characters in the Tribe exist and survive.

Sometimes they might be able to find some clothes or food in abandoned old shops or homes, factories, warehouses.

Other times they have to make their own clothes from fabric, blankets, curtains, carpets, materials – anything useful they are able to find to keep them clothed.

In the world of the Tribe, survivors create their own style depending on the clothes, make-up and materials they can find.

Sometimes this can result in combinations of clothes we might consider somewhat weird and unusual because there simply may be nothing else to wear.

But other times, the fact normal society and everyday life has broken down in the Tribe would mean people would have access to some of the things they normally could not have access to in today’s society.

Since there would be no money any more, you might go into an abandoned shop and be lucky enough to find some cool and expensive clothes – or some fab make-up or fashion gear.

You might be in an old shopping mall and find a fantastic laptop computer to use – and a stack of CD software to play on it!

Checking out an old garage or car park, you might even find a car that works – and you might be able to get some petrol from old petrol stations.

The Locos have found a Police Car -which they have customised and decorated in their own style and use to roam the streets of the city.

You would be able to use almost anything you could find – anything!

Characters in the Tribe often don’t have basic necessities in life (like fresh food) since normal society has collapsed.

But sometimes they have find music CDs and tapes, toys, books, magazines, sports gear and equipment, outrageous music systems.

Of course, you would have to be lucky enough to find some batteries to power a lot of this stuff because there would be no normal supplies of electricity and power anymore!

Style being shaped by whatever you could find in the Tribe is a return in many ways to earlier forms of living in history. Our ancestors about 15,000 – 20,000 years ago faced a similar sort of struggle to survive. The dinosaurs had gone by then (thank goodness!) but there were still ferocious Saber Tooth Tigers, Bears, Wooly Mammoths and other wild wildlife – and it was freezing weather every day due to the Ice Age. In these conditions our ancestors had to wear furs and animal skins as warm and protective clothing because that’s all they could find to use – and that was the style 15,000-20,000 years ago.

Due to the way of living in the Tribe then, people have to use whatever they can because normal society and everyday life have broken down. Sometimes the limited amount of things can limit style – but other times, people can find anything and there is no limit to their style – which is shaped by whatever they can find.