Tribestyle: What Is Your Style?

What clothes do you wear – and how do you have your hair?

Each of us have our own style.

We choose every day what clothes to put on, how our hair should look, what music we listen to. Some of us wear make-up, or have rings, chains and other jewelry.

We feel it is okay to dress in some ways but other times we dress in quite different ways because of the style in society for certain things (for example, people normally wear suits and formal clothes at weddings instead of casual or old clothes – and you normally wear casual or old clothes at in the garden or at home, and not formal clothes and suits!).

But style isn’t just about the things you wear – it’s also about how you feel and your attitude.

We do things differently and in our own way – from the hobbies and things we are interested in to the way we talk, from the way we play sports (defending or attacking) to the types of food we like to eat (some of us prefer hamburgers, others prefer Chinese Food, or Mexican Food, some of us like homemade family cooking).

TribeStyle looks at all of these things and more – the style of the characters and people, the tribes and groups, the styles in different locations, the fashions and music – TribeStyle is all about the style of everything and everyone in the world of The Tribe.


Imagine a world with no adults.

Society as we know it would not exist anymore.

There would be no television to shape society – and no radio, no Internet, no newspapers, no books, no cinema, and no magazines either, all of which play a part in determining style and fashions in society.

That would mean each person would create their own style because style would not be shaped by society in the way it is today (by radio, television, newspapers, magazine, and movies).

More than that, there would be no money.

And there would be no shops – and no restaurants – to spend it.

That would mean people would not have access to the things that affect our style today – from hairdressers, to beauty parlors, to clothes and make-up shops.

Without access to these things, each person would have to create their own style (hair, make-up, and clothes) unless they could find someone else to help them create their style for these things.

This is the style of living in the Tribe. Each of us would create our own style and our own image because there would be no popular styles and fashions to follow like we have in today’s society.

This section of TribeStyle looks at some of the different things in general that influence style in the Tribe.