Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 1

In Tribeworld there are a number of different tribes. Although we have only met some of them there are other minority tribes living within the city and outside the city.

Each tribe is uniquely different. They all have their own rules and regulations and their own ideas of justice.

We’re going to take a look at a few of the tribes within Tribeworld and compare their styles.

The Locos

The Loco’s were the most powerful Tribe in the early days. They were inspired by their leader Zoot.

Following Zoot’s example, the Loco’s believed that only the strong would survive.

The Loco’s would take and steal anything they wanted. They didn’t believe in sharing what little resources were left. All they cared about was providing for themselves. They saw themselves as more important than the greater community as a whole.

The Loco’s really believed that their way was really the best way to live. They had no compassion for the weaker members of society. Loco’s would often capture people and use them as slaves or if they were luckier they were taught to be a Loco and live the Loco way of life.

There are only Leaders in the Loco’s, Zoot and Ebony. What they say goes.

The Demon Dogs

The Demon Dogs are a powerful – and feared – Tribe.

In the struggle for survivial the Demon Dogs (like the Loco’s) believe in using power and strength to get what they want.

The Demon Dogs do not know the meaning of sharing and cooperation. The Demon Dogs are instead more willing to use intimidation, threats, physical strength and terror to enforce their will on others.

The Demon Dogs are different from the Loco’s however. The Loco’s are very structured – they have a strict chain of command. The Demon Dogs do have leaders who are obeyed by the members but there is no formal hierachy or power structure in place. If something needs doing then they pick a member to do a task on the spur of the moment – there is no permanent structure like the Loco’s.

The Loco’s have a system of beliefs and principles inspired by their founder, Zoot. The Demon Dogs do not have such a complex ideology. They are not seeking to create a new world according to someone’s principles and beliefs. Instead they live day to day and exist to fulfil their changing needs over time.

The Demon Dogs live for fun. They like to party, play loud music and destroy other peoples propery. They don’t look to the future but try to get as much enjoyment from the present.

The Demon Dogs will stop at nothing to get what they want.