Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2

In Tribeworld there are a number of different tribes. Although we have only met some of them there are other minority tribes living within the city and outside the city.

Each tribe is uniquely different. They all have their own rules and regulations and their own ideas of justice.

This week we look at The Chosen, The Mozquitos and the new tribe The Techno’s and compare their styles.

The Chosen

The Chosen are made up partly of ex Loco’s. After Zoot’s death these genuine followers wanted to continue what they perceived was Zoot’s mission. Some were upset by Ebony’s leadership style and left the Loco’s to follow the Guardian.

The Chosen is lead by the Guardian who is a gifted preacher and through the force of his own speeches can transfix his audience. Many new recruits have no direction to turn to and are genuinely attracted by the Guardians beliefs and visions of the future.

The Chosen are ruthless. They will take what they want including captives and lock them up until they agree to follow Zoot. Eventually even the most persistent captives find it hard to resist and will give up their own beliefs in return for food and shelter.

The Guardian has leaders below him that help him to infiltrate other Tribes. They spy on other tribes and provide the Guardian with 1st hand knowledge of what everyone in the city is up to. This makes it so easy for the Guardian to be in a position of power.

If someone tarnishes the name of Zoot the Guardian will not take it lightly. Beware the hostility of the Chosen.

The Mozquito’s

Moz likes to take matters into her own hands. She has an attacking attitude just like a mozquito.

The Mozzies are more into confrontation than communication. When they want something done, they want it done now!

Moz can be very intimidating but does it help her get her own way?

The Mozquitos are also the only tribe in tribeworld that are all female. Could this have something to do with their overall attitude?

The Techno’s

The big question is – Are they adults??

From what we’ve seen of the Techno’s they’re a very organised unit. They have specialised equipment including aircraft, communication equipment and all sorts of stuff we may not know about.

They might have a long term plan for the city and there must be a top man to run it all. Leadership is needed in an operation such as invading a city. What could their long term plan be?

We are yet to meet the members of the Techno’s. What are they coming to the city to do? Will they be ruthless like the Chosen and not give in to compromise. Do they want to be the top tribe in a city full of smaller ones?

Then again, perhaps they want to bring peace and harmony to the chaotic city. They might be here to help everyone out. They may even have large food supplies and want to start over as a community.

Then again they might just be dropping in and heading home again…