Tribestyle: Techno Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is the Techno costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.The Techno’s fell from the sky at the very … Continue reading Tribestyle: Techno Costume

Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2

In Tribeworld there are a number of different tribes. Although we have only met some of them there are other minority tribes living within the city and outside the city. Each tribe is uniquely different. They all have their own rules and regulations and their own ideas of justice. This week we look at The … Continue reading Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2

Invitation To Invasion? The Technos And Tribe 4

Tribe 4 starts with a big bang – the invasion of the Technos – which causes consequences for the entire city in Tribeworld. What is going to happen? This special worldview looks at the invasion of the Technos and the reaction of the city – and what direction Tribe Series 4 may take… IT’S RAINING … Continue reading Invitation To Invasion? The Technos And Tribe 4

Ram – Part 1

Ramone Kingsley was a hypochondriac. His mother blamed his father Lawrence for his military tidiness—early childhood conditioning, Sue claimed. You have fathered a boy who is afraid to make a mess. And so he had. Lawrence raised his boy in a shady suburban neighborhood that was host to dozens of other military families. Lawrence had … Continue reading Ram – Part 1

Mega – part 2

Mega was with him at the end. As his father’s breathing became slower and slower, Mega sat there and held Jackson’s hands. Hands that had once been so strong. Hands that had held Mega when he was a baby. These hands were now so frail, the skin paper-thin. Mega could see the veins underneath and … Continue reading Mega – part 2

Pretribe: Mysteries – Are there any adults left?

The one prominent feature that makes Tribeworld different from our own is simple. It is not people’s hair or clothing; it is not the level of technology; it is not even the era or decade in which they are living. The difference is the people. Tribeworld is a world of children, a sort of global … Continue reading Pretribe: Mysteries – Are there any adults left?