Tribestyle: The Guardian’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is The Guardian’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view. The style of the Guardian becomes fairly obvious … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Guardian’s Costume

Tribestyle: Finding a Tribe

Which tribe would you like to join if you had the chance? Are you an earthy Eco type or a dodgy demon dog contender? What would be the characteristics that the leaders of the various tribes would look for in a new tribal member? WANTED NEW TRIBAL MEMBERS The Gaians (Eco Tribe) – Must have … Continue reading Tribestyle: Finding a Tribe

Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness

Most people get shy at some stages through their lives. Shyness at school is a biggie, so many different people and so much to prove. Spot the shy one Some people hide behind their looks and pretend to be something that they’re not to combat their shyness. Others are just too involved in their interests … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness

Tribestyle: Scary Style

The Demon Dogs front up to the Locos The Smile are looking scary The Locos are ready for a fight the Mozzies show who’s in charge There are so many different looks in the Tribe and not all of them are nice! Some are pretty weird looking and others are just plain scary! The Mall … Continue reading Tribestyle: Scary Style

Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2

In Tribeworld there are a number of different tribes. Although we have only met some of them there are other minority tribes living within the city and outside the city. Each tribe is uniquely different. They all have their own rules and regulations and their own ideas of justice. This week we look at The … Continue reading Tribestyle: Tribes in Tribeworld – Part 2

The Guardian

Name The Guardian Series Series 2 and 3 Tribe The Chosen Biography A fanatic genius or a madman? Or both? Devoted to Zoot and making real the philosophy of “power and chaos” the Guardian is adored by the Chosen but feared by his enemies and the rest of the city. Is he becoming insane? What … Continue reading The Guardian

Luke – Part 2

Mrs Patterson was a calm and very organised woman. Although she was terribly distraught at losing her husband she seemed to put on a brave face for the children and started getting on with life. The whole thing hit Luke hard. It had been two years since he’d moved in with the Patterson’s. He finally … Continue reading Luke – Part 2

The Guardian Part 2

Ward 27 was dark and dank with the smell of death and David looked so out of place in the creaky old hospital bed. Jaffa held on tightly to his mother’s hand and they looked on in disbelief and growing horror as David drew his last few breaths. Sheila couldn’t understand how her husband could … Continue reading The Guardian Part 2

Pretribe: Trauma

Over the last few ‘pre tribes’ we have taken a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the President’s broadcast, and more! This week we examine different reactions in The Tribe to overwhelming trauma. *Trauma and how different characters in The Tribe dealt with it.* The most horrendous situation … Continue reading Pretribe: Trauma