Tribestyle: Finding a Tribe

Which tribe would you like to join if you had the chance? Are you an earthy Eco type or a dodgy demon dog contender?

What would be the characteristics that the leaders of the various tribes would look for in a new tribal member?


The Gaians (Eco Tribe) –

Must have dreadlocks or messy knotted hair. Love of the outdoors essential. Use of herbs and mushrooms in cookery helpful, as is knowledge of making fires. Designing camouflage clothing a good skill as is making clothes out of tree bark and grass. Other necessary skills needed include the ability to make bird noises at a great distance and to climb trees as fast as a cat. Must be willing to work as a team member and take turns in gathering berries and flowers. Must also be willing to change name to that of an animal.

The Mosquitoes –

Females wanted to take over the world. Must provide own tea strainers for masks and plenty of black eyeliner for tribal markings. Black lycra provided to make into catsuit. Knowledge of dodgy areas of the city desired and whips and chains encouraged, as are big bovva boots. Hair must be no shorter than shoulder length to enable extreme backcombing. Sarcasm and evil laughter a necessity.

The Demon Dogs –

Vandals and louts are what we’re looking for! Bring your favourite dog collar and turn it into a mask. Find whatever silver make-up you can and we’ll paint your face for you. We love loud music and partying so get your bad selves over to the nearest warehouse and join the fun. Baseball bats and mallets come in handy to smash things up and if you’re the sort of person that can’t sleep unless you’re having a bad dream you’re the one we want.

The Locos –

Do you want a little power and chaos? Think you’ve got what it takes to run the city? Good on roller blades or have access to a police car? Got a loud voice and leather trousers? If you can follow a leader, skate really fast and shout a lot and have a passion for burning books, come and see us!

The Chosen –

Do you look good in blue? Do you like walking along beaches? Does your life need some meaning? All those who like guys with mullets are wanted for this exclusive tribe. Bring your hoods and your spears and get on down to the voice of the Big G. Please be aware that special chosen beings will have their hair tinted blue. Zoot be praised!


We would all be searching for something different if we lived in tribeworld. Many of us would be attracted to a tribe that would mimic the kind if life we had before we lost our own family and friends.

A tribe like the Mall Rats would give us support and shelter love and respect. They are not into the tribal uniformity that so many of the other tribes are into and race; age and sex do not come into it either.

The Mall Rats accept anyone who needs help and the members of the tribe that share the same beliefs and morals are the ones that stay.

There are many different ways of life and the amount of tribes in tribeworld mimic this. Some like the Demon Dogs mirror punks and others like the Gaians mirror the Greenpeace movement.

And then there are other tribes who are made up of kids that have to follow leaders and need a definite routine and structure. Tribes like the Gulls.

Other tribes like the Chosen, the Locos and the Technos prey on kids that are vulnerable and need structure but are open to doing whatever they are told and rarely question the orders they are given.

It would be important to get in and choose a tribe before you got picked up on the street and made to be a loco or a techno as these particular tribes seem to choose their members by force.

Tribes like the Mall Rats are very liberal and let each member maintain their own freedom and personality. But there are many other tribes that make their members stick to the rulebook.

So which tribe would you want to join?