Tribestyle: Tribestyle Special – The Style of Confidence

Confidence is what the inhabitants of tribeworld seem to have oodles of. How can we tell? Well would you walk around with bright red hair if you weren’t confident?!

Maybe you would. It might be that you are actually quite shy but that you colour your hair to give yourself something to talk about.

But it is more likely that you are something of an exhibitionist and want to draw attention to yourself.

There are many confident people that we could look at in tribeworld but perhaps the most confident is Zoot.

Zoot walks the walk of someone who oozes authority and tenacity. He wears police-style clothing to show that he is not afraid to do what he has to to maintain the kind of order that he wants. His eyes tell the world that he is one fearless fella and isn’t going to stand any nonsense from anyone! Zoot walks the walk and struts his stuff with an arrogant, I’m the leader kind of way. His speech patterns are hard-out and threatening, full of authority and determination.

Other contenders for the Tribeworld Confident Award are…

Moz – the tight lycra catsuit is a dead give-away that this chick is ultra confident. She looks at people with a sultry gaze that defies them to cross her. The whip she carries around with her reminds people (in case they forgot) that she means business.

Ebony – bright red glossy lips match the bright red glossy leather and although this babe is a little on the puny side she is still a real toughie and lets the world know it. She walks around with her head held high and looks as if she owns the place. Her braided hair show that she is a no-nonsense sort of gal as she can obviously deal with a bit of pain – all those hair grips – ouch! And have you seen that girl run in her high platform boots?!

Tai San – this mystical mama oozes confidence from every pore of her body. She uses her body to get attention and isn’t afraid to wear some pretty way out gear to get even more attention! The use of crystals and potions shows that Tai San isn’t scared to be different even though she does get some odd looks sometimes when she is meditating. This meditation gives her some focus and once she has her sights set on something she will not stray. Her focus gives her a certain aura that says she doesn’t care about anything or anybody. Or maybe that’s just because she has chopsticks sticking into her head.

The Guardian – anyone who has a mullet and can get away with it must have a great deal of confidence and belief in themselves.

Pride – tofu boy is another one who isn’t scared to be different and to stand up for what he believes in. It is this that makes him appear to be so confident and in control of a situation. That and his long black coat.

Ram – this little guy in his wheelchair has managed to take on the whole of the city. He is a nutter that is true but he obviously has total and utter confidence in himself. His love of tight lycra is similar to Moz and he also seems to enjoy showing off arrogance.

Amber – has a real sense of assurance and holds herself straight and tall. She gives off confident vibes left right and centre and makes sure that everyone knows she is not scared of anyone. Her Zulu knots can give her a harsh edge and her Eagle styles weren’t what would commonly be seen down town but she still manages to get away with showing that she is one of the most confident chicks around.