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The Tribe Romance Video: Zay!?

For all those who are into romance and in love with love… And especially those who like to have fun pairing their favourite Tribe characters.  We’ve had Bramber (Bray and Amber) and all sorts of other combinations.  Check out this … Continue reading

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Message from Danny James (ZOOT) and ‘GHOSTTOWN’ music video demo

Here’s an exclusive demo of the music track ‘GHOSTTOWN’ – and an introductory message from Danny James (ZOOT) himself! Thanks to Danny, Ray, and John Williams and his wonderful team for letting us have this exclusive preview and to share … Continue reading

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Cloud 9’s Enid Blyton Secret Series released on DVD

Cloud 9’s television series The Enid Blyton Secret Series has just been released on DVD in Australia and is available through the ABC stores and all good DVD outlets. Lovingly adapted for modern audiences, this series comprises 5 ‘books’ turned … Continue reading

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Danny James (ZOOT) Facebook Tribe Chat Transcript

Zoot be praised!  Zoot lives!  Because Danny James (ZOOT) himself appeared live to chat with Tribe fans on The Tribe’s official Facebook page earlier in 2011 and we’ve got the transcript of Danny’s questions and answers available for the first … Continue reading

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Tribemaster Facebook Chat Transcript

* shudders * The TTO team were somewhat pleased – and nervous – to hook in via a remote Internet connection, none other than the enigmatic and very mysterious ‘Tribemaster’ to a live question and answer session during The Tribe’s … Continue reading

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Tribe Collectables: Individual Postcard: Tribe Guys

Tribe Individual Postcard – Tribe Guys Choose your favourite character’s colour postcard from the drop-down menu. Please note that these are random postcards and not every character is in stock or represented. Sorry due to low stock levels this item … Continue reading

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Interview: Danny James (Zoot) My Favourite Things…

Interview: Danny James (Zoot) I SIMPLY REMEMBER MY FAVOURITE THINGS AND THEN I DON’T FEEL SO BAD TW: Food? Danny. – Sushi TW: Drink? Danny. – Speights TW: Type of music? Danny. – Metal TW: Song? Danny. – Eye of … Continue reading

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Interview with Danny James (Zoot) Behind the Makeup…

Interview: Interview with Danny James Behind the Makeup… TW: What colour are your eyes? Danny. – Blue/Green TW: What do you do to take care of your skin? Danny. – Lie in the sun and swim in the sea. TW: … Continue reading

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Danny James (ZOOT) Audio Interview

  Audio interview with Danny James (ZOOT in The Tribe)… Quicktime Version  Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktime audio clip below to start downloading – and crank up your volume!… Please note that this track is copyright © … Continue reading

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Tribestyle: Ebony’s Wedding Costume (To Zoot)

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is The Wedding dress worn by Ebony … Continue reading

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