Danny James (Zoot) Vital Statistics!

Date of Birth: Danny – 3 October 1981 Star Sign: Danny – Libra Country of Birth: Danny – New Zealand Natural Hair Colour: Danny – Blonde Height: Danny – 5 ft 9 inches Shoe size: Danny – 9 Glasses or contacts: Danny – No Where do you live: Danny – New Zealand Do you drive? … Continue reading Danny James (Zoot) Vital Statistics!

News: 31st January 2000

This week, 20,000 people and Tribe Series 2 This week is the final week of production of Tribe Series 2! Just a few more days and scenes until the six month production ends on Friday 4th February (post-production continues, however, when the footage is edited into episodes and music and sound effects are added). You … Continue reading News: 31st January 2000

News: 25th January 2000

Important news – The Tribe moves from Sunday on Channel 5 (UK) to Saturday! We have been advised that Channel 5 in the UK is changing the date they broadcast the Tribe. From Saturday 29th January, the Tribe will be shown as one-hour episodes every Saturday at 16.55 pm (and not every Sunday, as it … Continue reading News: 25th January 2000