Tribe News

News: 25th January 2000

Important news – The Tribe moves from Sunday on Channel 5 (UK) to Saturday!

We have been advised that Channel 5 in the UK is changing the date they broadcast the Tribe.

From Saturday 29th January, the Tribe will be shown as one-hour episodes every Saturday at 16.55 pm (and not every Sunday, as it has been up until now).

This is due to the great success the series has had so far (other rival channels had even lined up programs against the Tribe’s slot on Sunday) and from now on, the Tribe can be seen every Saturday at 16.55 pm.

Exclusive – The Tribe appear before 30,000 people

We are delighted to advise that this Saturday 29th January, the cast from the Tribe will be appearing at the new Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand, before an expected packed out crowd of 30,000 people.

The Tribe will be the half-time entertainment during an Australian Rules football game at the stadium.

During the interval between halves, the Tribe cast will perform two songs from the forthcoming Tribe album – “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place”.

This will be the Tribe’s largest public performance to date so far (previously, the Tribe had played a venue at Christmas before 5,000 people).

Members of cast are rehearsing their routine and choreography this week and are looking forward to the performance on Sunday. With a world tour planned for the Tribe album later in the year, this is expected to be the first of many performances at stadiums and large venues around the world!

We will have feedback from the cast next week on how the appearance went and some pictures. You will be able to find these in the News section here and in the Location Report on Tribeworld.

Zoot (Daniel James) is coming to get ya!

On Monday 24th January New Zealand time (Sunday 23rd January European/American time), Amy Morrison (ZANDRA) appeared live and exclusive on the Bulletin Board at Tribe Talk.

Amy really enjoyed talking with fans and viewers and looks forward to appearing again in the near future. If you missed Amy’s appearance, you can check out what she had to say on the Bulletin Board in the Tribe General Chat section of the Forum Index.

We are delighted to announce that the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk is Daniel James, who plays Zoot in the series.

Daniel will be appearing on the Chat Room at Tribeworld (and not the Bulletin Board as with previous cast members). The Chat Room will enable live and immediate chat so all users can see what Daniel has to say about different things and his answers to questions.

Daniel will be live on the Chat Room in Tribe Talk on Friday 4th February at 08.00 am (New Zealand time).

PLEASE NOTE for fans in the UK, this is Thursday 3rd February at 19.00 pm UK time due to the time difference.

In the USA, this is 14.00 pm on Thursday 3rd February EST.

If you haven’t been in the Chat Room before, you will need to create a username and password to enable you to use the service. To do so, visit the Chat Room in Tribe Talk and follow the online instructions. You can then join in when Daniel appears next week.

IF there is a problem with the Chat Room when Daniel appears (just as a back-up, we don’t expect there will be any problem with the Chat Room), then don’t forget to check the Bulletin Board. IF there is a problem with the Chat Room, Daniel’s interview will continue in the Bulletin Board.

So, to ask what it’s like being Zoot, leading the Locos, riding around in the Loco’s police car, being the boyfriend of Ebony, and perhaps being the toughest and baddest character in town, then Daniel James will be on Tribeworld soon!

2000 Competition

There is a special competition on Tribe Talk that was set in December last year (and last century/millennium!) that asks “What kind of world do you see for the 21st Century?”.

A special prize will be given to the winner who has the most imaginative answer – and the judges of the competition are some cast members from the Tribe!

Many of you have entered the competition already and cast members have already read the submissions so far, which are very good!

The competition can be found in a message called “2000” posted by Cloud9production in the WorldView section of the Forum Index on Tribe Talk.

To enter, all you have to do is post your thoughts under the topic – and the closing date is Sunday 30th January.

On Monday 31st January, the cast members will choose the winner and we will announce details on Tribeworld. Good luck!

When is it on?

Many of our new American fans and viewers have emailed us asking information about when the Tribe is on so as not to miss any episodes.

By popular request, we are advising our US viewers that the Tribe can be seen every weekday on Encore’s WAM! Channel and the show is broadcast three times a day – at 16.00pm, 20.00 pm and 24.00 pm (all Eastern Standard Time).

New Zealand news – competition winner to act in the Tribe

The magazine in New Zealand called “Girlfriend” had absolutely truck-loads of entrants for the competition where the prize was to go to the Cloud 9 production centre, meet the Tribe and be in the Tribe on a day of filming!

The winner of the competition is a young girl from the West Coast of New Zealand, who will travel to Wellington on Friday 28th January and be in the Tribe!

We will have some details on Tribeworld after the special day for the lucky winner!

A Tribal Welcome to Eire!

The Irish channel RTE will start broadcasting the Tribe as half-hour episodes from Wednesday 26th January at 18.00 pm.

We would like to welcome new viewers and fans in Eire to the tribe of fans and viewers around the world, and we hope you enjoy the series and the Tribeworld website!

Two weeks of Series 2

We are now in the penultimate week of production of Tribe Series 2.

After six months, the production has a few more days left before it “wraps” on Friday 4th February.

There is an update from the location in the Location Report section in the GUIDE part of Tribeworld.

After that, there is still post-production to be done (when music and sound effects are added – and episodes are edited together and mixed) and this will continue into March 2000.

And after that?

Well, the Tribe has become a hugely successful series worldwide and as long as there are viewers and fans of the series then there will always be the Tribe on television screens.

Cloud 9, the makers of the Tribe, are planning Series 3 of the Tribe with UK broadcast Channel 5, who commissioned the series.

We will advise more details in the future but in the meantime, keep the dream alive…

Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) audio interview now on Tribeworld

We are pleased to advise that an audio interview with Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) is now available on Tribeworld at

There are Real Media and QuickTime versions available and we hope you enjoy what Michael has to say about Jack, The Tribe, and loads more!

ALL members of cast are being interviewed and their interviews will appear on Tribeworld in the near future.