Tribe News

News: 17th January 2000

Hot of the press – Amy Morrison (ZANDRA) news!

We are delighted to advise who the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk will be – and you may have guessed from the above sub-title that it is going to be Amy Morrison (ZANDRA)!

This will be Amy’s first appearance to chat with fans and viewers on Tribe Talk and she joins the list of previous cast members including Beth Allen (AMBER), Caleb Ross (LEX), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Daniel James (ZOOT), Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN), Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK), Victoria Spence (SALENE) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY).

Members of cast enjoy chatting but a suitable time must be arranged in their filming schedules on Tribe Series 2 and to fit in with their schooling and other activities.

What is it like being Zandra? How does it feel kissing Lex (Caleb Ross)? What is it like being in the Tribe? What’s it like being Amy Morrison? You can ask Amy these questions and more next week!

Amy will be appearing live and exclusive on Monday 24th January New Zealand time at 08.00 am and she will be in Tribe General Chat.

PLEASE NOTE for fans in the UK that this is on Sunday 23rd January at 19.00 pm UK time due to the time difference.

In FINLAND this is 21.00 pm FINLAND time on Sunday 23rd January.

In the USA, this is on Sunday 23rd January at 14.00 pm Eastern Standard Time and 12.00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

In the last cast appearance by Beth Allen (AMBER) there was such a huge number of people using Tribe Talk that the service crashed unfortunately, and this was frustrating to all concerned. However, we have a back-up system in place that involves the Chat Room on Tribe Talk. There will be more details posted later this week in Tribe Talk under HOW IT WORKS that will let you know what to do if the system crashes in the unlikely event it does again – our technical team think they have fixed it this time!!

Fashioned for you

On Tribeworld now you might be interested to check out some new content all about the style of the Tribe – the fashion, hair, clothing and make-up, and more.

Members of cast have been interviewed as well as some of the behind the scenes costume and hair/make-up team to give an insight into the creation of Tribe style and all that is involved.

The cast have given their feedback on what it’s like to wear Tribal fashion and their thoughts on the style of their characters.

To check out the three new articles, visit the LIFE/TribeStyle section and the “Find out about different styles” link there.

ALSO there are FIVE new interviews in the GUIDE/.Interviews section that include interviews with some of the Cloud 9 team – the Executive in Charge of Production (Geoff Husson), the Producer of the Tribe (Debra Kelleher-Smith), the Supervising Art Director (Clayton Ercolano), the Make-up and Hair Supervisor (Susan Glass) and Gavin McLean, the Costume Designer.

AND going live in the next day or so are 25 brand new downloadable photos featuring never before seen pics of the cast from Tribe Series 1 and Series 2. These will be under the CLUB/Downloads/Photo section – there are already 75 photos there and just click “next” to follow the numerical order to get the new photos that are numbers 76-100.

There are also new updates to the Plot Synopsis and Location Report sections to get the very latest on what is happening

By the end of this week – Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK)

On Monday 17th January New Zealand time, Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) was recorded and interviewed by a member of the Cloud 9 team from the Cloud 9 production centre.

Michael’s audio interview (with some never before seen photos) will be appearing live on Tribeworld before the end of this week in the CLUB/.Download/Clips section and will be available as QuickTime and Real Audio versions.

Michael speaks about what it¹s like being in the Tribe, playing the role of Jack, and Michael himself in real life!

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions for Michael – these were asked to Michael and his answers will be available before the end of this week.

The previous interviews with Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Caleb Ross (LEX) have been downloaded by many thousands of you. However downloading can be a complicated process at times and some of you have encountered difficulties. Our technical team will be writing up a help page full of tips and recommendations about the best way to get a successful download, and this will be going live on Tribeworld to coincide with Michael’s interview going live.

The next member of cast to have an audio interview is Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and this will be going live on Tribeworld within the next two weeks.

Overall competition prizedraw news

We are pleased to advise an update on the overall grand prize of a trip to New Zealand – to be won by the lucky winner drawn at random by a member of cast from a list of all the prize-winners on Tribeworld and in the Official Tribe Fan Club to date.

The member of cast will be drawing the overall prize winner in March (this year!).

This means that all competitions until the end of February will qualify to enter this overall grand prize that will then be drawn in March.

Again, to be in with a chance you need to be one of the lucky prize-winners (including runners-up) from any of the Tribeworld or Official Fan Club competitions.

If you enter the current Fan Club competitions (in Fan Club News) or the latest competition in the Club section, you will be in with a chance for the overall grand prize.

The overall winner will fly to the Cloud 9-production centre, have a tour of Cloud 9’s studios, visit the mall where the Mall Rats live, see locations, and meet members of cast.

So, all January and February’s competition winners will quality and enter the overall grand prize draw to be held in March. Good luck to everyone who enters January and February’s competitions!!