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News: 31st January 2000

This week, 20,000 people and Tribe Series 2

This week is the final week of production of Tribe Series 2! Just a few more days and scenes until the six month production ends on Friday 4th February (post-production continues, however, when the footage is edited into episodes and music and sound effects are added). You can get an update straight from the Cloud 9-production base on the last few days of production by visiting the Location Report section of GUIDE.

On Saturday the 29th January, the cast from the Tribe performed two songs from the first Tribe album (“Abe Messiah” and “This is the place”) to a crowd of over 20,000 people at the new Westpac Stadium in Wellington as pre-match entertainment just before the kick-off of an Australian Rules Football game, that was televised in Australia. 20,000 is a lot of people to perform to and there is an update in the Location Report section.

But the end of production does not of course mean the end of the Tribe – far from it! Tribe Series 2 will continue in the UK for a few more months and the first series of the Tribe is screening all around the world (welcome to our new viewers in Ireland, who started transmission last week on RTE).. We will have loads of new things to check out on Tribeworld about both series of the Tribe – and sneaky previews about plans for Tribe 3…

Gather around for a Tribal Gathering

We are pleased to advise that there are plans underway for a special Tribal Gathering in New Zealand – the provisional date is 27 May 2000.

The venue will be the Cloud 9 production centre itself outside of Wellington. This will be an “open day” where members of the public are able to walk around the production centre, meet some of the team who make the Tribe, see the processes involved, check out the cool props, wardrobe and costumes, hair and make-up and equipment.

There will also be some surprise celebrity guests at the Gathering including members of the Tribe cast and other celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment.

People will have an opportunity to go on a guided tour of the shopping mall that is home to the Tribe…

There might even be some visits to nearby locations to see where the Tribe is filmed.

People will be free (and welcome!) to come to the Tribal gathering to meet other fans of the Tribe – and to dress as characters from the Tribe!

The day is a special day to celebrate the Tribe but there is also a real benefit involved as there will be a charity element so a sum of money can be raised for a well deserving cause. That way, everyone involved can have a great day out and also contribute to a special charity.

Cloud 9 are speaking with various parties at the moment to finalise plans and a date – as soon as we have specific information about the date and arrangements, we will advise here in News (and who knows, for viewers outside New Zealand there might even be a live webcast from the Cloud 9 production centre).

Cloud 9 also have plans for real Tribal Gatherings around the world in countries that have gone Tribal!

Hear this!

Yes! We have been advised that the first Tribe album is now finished and completed!

Regular visitors to Tribeworld will know all about the album but for our new visitors who have come to Tribeworld recently, you might be interested to note that there is going to be a Tribe album released later this year. The cast are all accomplished and talented singers and dancers (as well as actors and actresses!) and an album was recorded at the end of last year in New Zealand whilst the Tribe Series 2 was being filmed.

There is information and photos all about the making of the Tribe album (and two music videos) that can be accessed on the site.

AND you can hear extracts of two songs from the Tribe album already here on Tribeworld.

Well, the writer-producers of the Tribe album, John Williams and Matt Prime, have now finished the mixing process when all the elements are mixed together to get the right balance and feel to each song (i.e. the vocal and instrumental tracks).

There are top-secret plans at the moment about a release date for the album later in the year but as soon as we have information then you can check out all about it here on News (and there might even be more songs and music videos here on Tribeworld!).

Daniel James (ZOOT)!

Don’t forget that at the end of this week, Daniel James (ZOOT) will be giving a live interview on the Official Tribe Website!

For details about the time and arrangements, visit “How it works” under the TribeTalk section.

Meryl Cassie (EBONY)!!

And Zoot’s partner at the head of the Locos, Meryl Cassie (EBONY) has recorded an interview with a member of the Cloud 9 team that will be available as a download on Tribeworld before the end of this week.

You will be able to check out what Meryl has to say about Ebony, Zoot, Locos, police cars and the Tribe – by visiting the Clips part of Media section (where all audio and video downloads on Tribeworld are located.)

This is the place

Many users have emailed us asking how to go about getting an email address and we are advising some more details about the free Tribeworld e-mail service here…

If you would like to sign up with the free Tribeworld web-based email, you need to register by visiting the SIGN UP HERE part of the service on

Once you have signed up, you can then use the free service immediately.

It might be a good idea as a tip to bookmark the page on as this is the page you need to then check your emails by logging in.

Saturday not Sunday

Finally, in case new viewers have not heard, don’t forget that Channel 5 in the UK have changed the date they broadcast the Tribe.

From Saturday 29th January, the Tribe will be shown as one-hour episodes every Saturday at 16.55 pm (and not every Sunday, as it has been up until now).

This is due to the great success the series has had so far (other rival channels had even lined up programs against the Tribe’s slot on Sunday) and from now on, the Tribe can be seen every Saturday at 16.55 pm!