Tribestyle: The Style of Human Rights

Everyone has a right to wear what they feel they want to in order to express themselves and it seems that most people in tribeworld do this very well.Kids retain their individuality even though they are members of a tribe and the only giveaway so you can tell they are in one gang or another is their general style of clothing or their tribal markings.

Tribes and their styles

There are some tribes that quash the individuality of their members and force them to wear a uniform.

This tends to be the tribes that want to conquer the world like the Technos, the Chosen and the Locos.

Hoodies were especially popular with the Chosen.

Even some of the other tribes like the Mosquitos make their members wear the same outfits to take away any chance of individuality.

If you don’t put on the catsuit I’ll have to bash you with my stick.

Quite apart from repressing individual personalities, some of these tribes must catch cold in their skimpy little cossies and that is a violation of human rights.

Pride certainly knew how to keep nice and toasty with his black furry coat and many of the Mall Rats have been spotted wearing warm jackets and coats, so at least they know how to do things properly.

All the poor bunnies I had to kill to make this coat…

Human rights-friendly tribes

Now the Mall Rats and the Gaians, these are two prime examples of tribes that allow total freedom in the style of dress, freedom of expression and the freedom to be who they want to be.

Who can ever forget Dee’s dress sense or the hat that Sasha liked to wear so much?!

It is vitally important to the Mall Rats that they allow people to be who they want to be so long as they are not endangering anyone else emotionally or physically.

They have welcomed all sorts of kids into their tribe right from the beginning and the style of each member of the group is totally different.

Has anyone seen my chopsticks?

An important lesson to us all

Although individual beliefs are sometimes not understood, the Mall Rats always try to give the individual the benefit of the doubt and hardly bat an eyelid when Lex appears wearing a see through top or Tai San gets all spiritual.

That is the true style of human rights, to let people be who they want to be and to embrace the difference characteristics that each of us can bring to the world.

Another Tribe Style coming soon.