Tribestyle: The Look Of Series 5 – Part 2

Tribe 5 is set to blow you away!! We’ve been filming for almost two weeks now and things are hotting up. Storylines are getting juicy and unpredictable and the new styles are fantastic.

So what will happen?

At the end of Tribe 4 the Mallrats had conquered over the Techno’s and Ram was destined for the rubbish dump. But there were questions hanging in the air… “Are Ebony and Jay still together?”…”Is Mega really on the Mallrats side?”… “Has Ram gone forever?”…”Is Zoot really back?”

Is that Apollo Jack’s found?

Jack returns in Tribe 5 as you all know and there’s an interesting storyline as he makes his way back to the Mall.

Is Zoot back?

So, does Zoot return or not? There are many possibilities as to what Ebony saw:

Zoot could really have returned from the dead! Did he really get sent out to sea in flames or was it a cover-up by Bray to get Zoot out of the city?

Or…Ebony could be so stressed out about her growing fears about Jay and Amber that she broke down and started hallucinating.

Perhaps Ram has taken over a virtual image of Zoot – Zoot’s body and Ram’s mind.

There is also the possibility that it wasn’t really Zoot at all but an imposter – someone wanting to live in the glory of Zoot and feel the power he used to have.

New faces?

There’s also new faces in Tribe 5 and they’re certainly very interesting people. How do they suddenly turn up in the city and what are their motives?

Are they secretive people that have their own agenda or are they strays that just happened to wander into the city? Maybe they were sent by an old friend to help the Mallrats…

The Disappeared

There are still missing Mallrats that were taken by the Techno’s when they invaded the city. Will some of them return now that the Techno’s have been taken down? Where have they been all this time?

The Love Triangle

Ebony, Jay and Amber… there’s much between them at the end of Tribe 4. It seemed that Ebony and Jay had found true love but what is Amber doing? Is she feeling abandoned by Bray and longing for comfort in Jay’s arms…or might she find a new relationship…a totally unexpected one with Lex…


What could this mean?


We’ll leave you to think about it…