Tribestyle: The Style of Zoot

The guy that we all love to hate – or hate to love – is back!

Ebony has been having the most terrifying visions and we’re not sure if the Zoot we’re seeing is a figment of her imagination, a ghost, a hallucination, a hologram or something much, much more intense!

Whatever or whoever this is that is appearing throughout the city well, the style is unmistakable.

The Style of Zoot is kind of punky, very much in your face and rebellious. This is obviously someone who does not dress to look stylish as such but more as a direct statement.

Zoot likes people to know that he’s the boss, he’s the one to look up to and listen to. The only one.

When he puts on his police cap and struts his stuff he is really one to watch and anyone who saw him walking down the street would know that he’s a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with!

Zoot likes to thumb his nose at the images and ideals of those who used to be in charge and his police car is the perfect vehicle to do that in. He’s making an obvious statement that says control had gone out of the window when the virus had struck and that not even the police could keep a guy like Zoot in line.

Zoot does still attract the ladies however and perhaps that is because they enjoy the power that goes hand in hand with him? Or maybe they can see the vulnerability in his eyes, the hint of Martin that is still in his soul.

Not the shy retiring type, Zoot went for dreadlocks and these suit his style perfectly. He doesn’t have to do anything with them other than to twist them around at times when he has nothing better to do and this goes well with his don’t care attitude.

Zoot also does not often seem to change his look or his clothes and this also goes with his rebellious nature – while everyone else is running around finding feathers and hair dye, Zoot is focusing on taking control of the city.

The big question is, are they contacts or were his eyes horribly disfigured in an accident before he became Zoot? Whatever the reason, those eyes are really creepy and certainly add to the general mystique and terror that surrounds this infamous figure.

Another TribeStyle soon…