Tribestyle: The Style of Dating

Relationships can be very complicated and scary at an early age.

Around the teenage years seem to be when you start to notice the opposite sex (or the same sex). Out of nowhere they appear and suddenly seem so attractive. There are so many variables with relationships. But most relationships start with dating.


Lex is someone who thinks he knows a lot about the opposite sex. He’s had many partners and many admirers. Although he’s not always a gentleman he can turn on the charm when he wants to.

Zandra always liked Lex and occasionally he would do nice things for her like pick her flowers and cook her a nice meal. Alice couldn’t see past Lex’s good looks and even though Lex had no feelings for her he did have a romantic dinner with her.

Lex and Taisan had feelings for each other early on much to the dismay of Zandra. Lex may have been intrigued with Taisan’s spirituality and in the end they married and the marriage brought Lex down to earth for while.

After Taisan disappeared with the Techno’s invasion Lex was lost for a while. But it didn’t stop him being attracted to Siva. He made a nice cosy love shack that was their hideaway from everyone else. A place they could get to know each other away from everyone else.


Amber has very set ideas and she’s not big on jumping from one guy to another, well, not usually. Amber and Bray were soul mates from the start. There was an attraction early on and they couldn’t hide it from anyone let alone themselves. When Sasha came along they were still denying their feelings for each other so Amber found solice in Sasha. He was funny, romantic and really let her know how he felt, unlike Bray. Because he was so up-front Amber had nothing to lose. Their romantic ideas took them away and they spent some time alone together and to get away from everyone else.

In the end Amber wasn’t ready to leave her Tribe, or Bray and she returned to the Mall. From then on the feelings between Bray and Amber escalated. Although they didn’t get to “date” as such, they knew their feelings and in knowing that, they had comfort.


Crushes can be hard especially when you find out the other person doesn’t feel the same. In Tribe 3 KC had a crush on May. He was still quite young but he couldn’t help his feelings. He brought her a necklace. Gifts are a great way of showing someone you care but unfortunately for KC, May didn’t feel the same way.

Lucky for KC that May went about it in a nice way and let KC down gently. It can be hard telling someone that you’re not interested and it’s hard not to hurt their feelings.

Ned and Alice

When Ned first arrived on the scene he was the most filthy, rude person the Mallrats had come across. He certainly didn’t make good first impressions with anyone, Alice included. But after a while Alice saw something in Ned that no one else could see. She was lonely and needed some close company and she was sure that deep down Ned was really a nice guy.

They actually got on rather well and Ned even took her on a special romantic picnic with great food and even a bottle of bubbly! Alice was smitten. They would tease each other and roll in the hay and they had some great times together.

Unfortunately people aren’t always who they appear to be and this can cause heartache. Ned’s good side wasn’t as big as his bad side. Alice loved him and when he died she was heartbroken, not just because he had gone but also because he hadn’t turned out to the person she thought he was.

Jack and Ellie

Jack and Ellie have been a longtime item. They’re a good match! They’ve been through many things together and they’re both headstrong and smart. They work well as a team and like to take on projects together.

But with Jack and Ellie the whole romantic idea isn’t really their thing. They haven’t been out on dates as such, no romantic dinners, no flowers, just each other.

Everyone is different

Everyone has different ideas about relationships and what they should be about, and what the most important thing in a relationship is. Trust, friendship, common interests all play a part in each relationship we form.