Tribestyle: The Style of Weddings

Ah weddings! Who can resist the call of true love and all the fun that goes with a wedding? The white dress, the bridesmaid’s, the best man’s speech… But not in Tribeworld! The Bride of Zoot The latest characters to tie the knot in Tribeworld were Ebony and Zoot – or what she thought was … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style of Weddings

Tribestyle: The Style of Mothers

There have been many tough times in The Tribe and people like Trudy and Amber have found that they have the added responsibility of caring for their children whilst trying just to get by in an uncertain and terrifying world. There are many teenage pregnancies all around the world and people all cope differently with … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style of Mothers

Tribestyle: The Style of Dating

Relationships can be very complicated and scary at an early age. Around the teenage years seem to be when you start to notice the opposite sex (or the same sex). Out of nowhere they appear and suddenly seem so attractive. There are so many variables with relationships. But most relationships start with dating. Lex Lex … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style of Dating

Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

We will all fall in love at some point in our lives – but we are all different and do things differently. How do you feel about love? What is your style? This special style article looks at something more important than clothes, fashion, hair or make-up and appearances – it’s what’s on the inside … Continue reading Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

Tribestyle: Friendship and Enemies – Part 2

Enemies can almost play as big a part as friends in someones life. There will always be people throughout your life that you don’t like. It could be for whatever reason, their attitude, their looks, their lifestyle or even something they have done to you directly. There can be a few levels of dislike – … Continue reading Tribestyle: Friendship and Enemies – Part 2

Tribestyle: Friendship – Part 1

Friendship is so important. Friends can help you through good times and tough times. Friends are there to listen when you have a problem and are always a shoulder to lean on when you are down. But they are also there to celebrate moments in your life when things are going great! Friendship can develop … Continue reading Tribestyle: Friendship – Part 1

Tribestyle: Style of Living

Sharing the workload. Everyone is brought up in a different way by their parents. Parents often try to teach children the necessities in life and show them responsibility. From an early age you are made to do your share of tidying up – doing the dishes, cooking tea, cleaning the house, gathering firewood. Each of … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style of Living

Depression – Part 1

This week we take a look at depression. Please remember that the following information is merely a guideline and that if you need to find out more about symptoms and treatment , seek professional help. What is it? Depression is an illness that affects 1 in 5 people during their lifetime. It can range from … Continue reading Depression – Part 1