Tribestyle: Friendship and Enemies – Part 2

Enemies can almost play as big a part as friends in someones life. There will always be people throughout your life that you don’t like. It could be for whatever reason, their attitude, their looks, their lifestyle or even something they have done to you directly. There can be a few levels of dislike – you can dislike someone but get along with them because it keeps the peace. And there are the people that you would avoid at all costs.

Throughout the Tribe there have been many friendships and many rivals.

Bray and Ebony have long been rivals. Ebony was once leader of the Loco’s and many fights broke out between the Loco’s and the Mallrats. Ebony is vicious and will do anything to get what she wants. Although they dislike each other, there has always been an attraction and Ebony has wanted Bray to herself for a long time. She has often confessed her love for Bray, but to no avail. Bray will never have feelings for Ebony again.

At the explosion on Eagle Mountain we found out that Amber had survived. Ebony had found her and saw her chance to get rid of Amber forever. By showing a photo of her and Bray with a baby, Ebony convinced Amber that Bray was in love with her and that the best thing for Amber to do would be to disappear.

When Bray found this out early in Series III he was furious. He couldn’t possibly believe that Ebony could stoop so low as to drive the love of his life out of town.

This also caused more conflict between Ebony and Amber. Amber found out the photo was not what Ebony had said it was. It was a photo of Bray and Ebony with a friends baby, not Ebony’s baby.

Amber and Ebony have never been close. They have completely different values in life. They have come head to head many times and Amber is always suspicious of Ebony’s motives.

The person with the most enemies throughout the Tribe would have to be the Guardian.

His ruthless outlook on life has affected many tribes.

Most people don’t have the confidence to stand up to him in fear of what may happen to them. Ryan was one of the first people to really try and stand up for what he believed in. With Ryan looking forward to being a father and the Guardian wanting to take that away from him, it was all too much. Ryan took matters into his own hands. Unfortunately it didn’t do him any good.

Lex has always been one to think of himself. He can be as ruthless as Ebony at times. He likes to take matters into his own hands. He likes to cause conflict and will rub anyone up the wrong way at the first opportunity.

He always regarded May as a traitor. When she was trying to look out for herself while with the Chosen she was also trying to help Lex, Bray, Amber and Pride with their rescue mission of the other Mallrats. She was their spy on the inside and she was happy to help as long as the Guardian didn’t find out.

Lex was suspicious from the start and never really liked May. When they were attacked by the Chosen, Lex was ready for revenge. He covered May with molasses and feathers to embarass her and to teach her a lesson.

While it wasn’t Lex’s place to do this he thought he was right in doing what he did.