Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

We will all fall in love at some point in our lives – but we are all different and do things differently. How do you feel about love? What is your style?

This special style article looks at something more important than clothes, fashion, hair or make-up and appearances – it’s what’s on the inside that counts in the game of love…

Let’s check out 4 Tribe characters – Amber, Bray, Lex and Zandra – and their different approaches to love:

AMBER – Amber is an honest and genuine person. She does what she feels, says what she thinks – and this is her approach to love.

When she had started to fall in love with Bray it is true she did not declare her feelings outright. She has a shy side to her and blurting things out or being totally forthright is not her style here.

Amber wanted to wait until the right moment before confessing her love for Bray – and he confessed his love in return.

In her relationship with Bray, Amber expects honesty. There is no pretence or deception with Amber – she expects Bray to treat her honestly as she does him. Amber places a lot of importance on trust – she can get easily offended if Bray distrusts Amber about anything – to her, this calls into doubt Bray’s love for her if he doubts her in any way…

BRAY – A nice genuine guy, Bray is a gentleman. He will be kind and courteous, decent and considerate to Amber. He is romantic to a degree but does not go out of his way to woo Amber with flowers, dinners and the like. Bray just tries to be himself – Amber either likes him for it, or she does not like who he is.

Bray does have a sensitive side, however. He can easily be upset if Amber might (accidentally) hurt his feelings about something. If he thought Amber rejected his love for her then Bray has been known to go off in a huff for a few days – but when reassured that Amber still loves him, Bray is back to his normal self again.

LEX – Unlike Bray, Lex is not really a genuine gentleman. Lex is a nice guy deep down to be sure – he is a good person – but in the game of love, Lex sometimes plays a dangerous game.

Lex will be happy to do what he can to woo anyone he is after – be it flowers, romantic dinners – even emotional blackmail.

But rather than Lex’s often forthright tactics working to his benefit, sometimes this can frighten away people he may love. Zandra was quite off put by the sheer pressure of Lex’s persistence. She needed space and peace rather than to be chased all the time!

So a nice guy but sometimes Lex has a sleazy side that appears.

ZANDRA – Zandra is innocent and wide-eyed to a certain degree in love. Her ideal is to have a husband and a close family of her own. She is ecstatic about getting married – and strongly believes in the oaths of marriage.

In fact, Zandra is so “into” marriage that this frustrates Lex’s rampant libido for a time. She will refuse to compromise her principles to him – she wants him to be patient.

Zandra is very romantic – she absolutely loves a romantic dinner, flowers, gifts – basically, if Lex makes a fuss over her, Zandra adores the attention and romance.

But deep down she will not compromise her dream – of a happy life with her partner and family of her own…

What about you? What is your style of love? Are you more like Amber, Zandra, Bray or Lex in terms of romance and love?