Tribestyle: Scary Style

The Demon Dogs front up to the LocosThe Smile are looking scary
The Locos are ready for a fightthe Mozzies show who’s in charge

There are so many different looks in the Tribe and not all of them are nice! Some are pretty weird looking and others are just plain scary!

The Mall Rats have their own individual and distinctive way of dressing and the only common thread that ties them together is the mark on their hand of the Amulet. They are still easily recognisable to most other tribes however and dress in a non-threatening way.

Other tribes purposely dress in a threatening fashion and this works well for them in keeping others away from their territory.

Some of the more scary looking tribes include the Demon Dogs, the Jackals and the Chosen. Tribe Circus members were very ominous looking, probably because their method of dress was so totally over the top.

The hooded habits of the
Chosen make their way along the beach.
The Guardian is getting closer!
The Guardian in his ‘holy’ preaching outfitThe Guardian has a change of style

Most of these tribes have their own uniform as such but allow room for individuality. This also allows the leaders of the different groups to stand out from the crowd.

The Chosen however, had to wear very specific outfits and only the Guardian himself was able to wear something a little different.

Although not as ‘in your face’ threatening as the appearance of the Demon Dogs and the Jackals, the Chosen had a certain malice to their style with their hooded habits.

Ebony’s looking meanPride looks ready to fight
Alice in battle modeLex is ready to rumble

The Mall Rats can look pretty scary themselves at times when they need to get ready for battle.

The use of hair colour and feathers, etc. dates back to the beginning of time when ancient people used to use natural colourings such as henna and berry juice to stain hair and skin. This was used to make them appear threatening to animals and other predators.

Feathers and animal teeth and skins were used to complete the look.

The tribes have adapted this way of decoration in this post apocalyptic world by mixing urban relics with feathers in their get-ups.

Different ‘uniforms’ help to create a feeling of belonging for the members of certain tribes and help with recognition.
Tribal looks help not only to mark out the group’s different territories but also to make them easily recognisable during battle or at large markets and gatherings

Tribe CircusTribe circusTribe Circus


Tribe CircusTop Hat
Demon DogsAt the Gathering
Demon Dogs

And so we see that there have been many scary looking characters in the Tribe so far. But this is just the beginning… Tribe series 4 sees the introduction of some very ominous characters indeed…so watch out!