Tribestyle: Style of Communication

Before the virus there were many types of communication. There were phones, mobile phones, pagers, email, post and a few more.

All this communication equipment that had been developed over the years is now useless in Tribeworld.

So we’re going to step back in time and see how people used to communicate thousands of years ago.

The first signs of communication were hieroglyphics. Although sometimes used for ones personal use and for decoration and to tell stories, a tablet could be carved and passed on to someone else as a form of communication. This was the first type of primitive writing. Hieroglyphics was more like small pictures joined together rather than the alphabet as we know it today.

American Indians used to use smoke signals. On a calm night these signals could be seen for miles. But they had to be simple messages and were only clear on a still night. They were useful in letting other tribes know if there was danger or if any Buffalo had been seen.

In more modern times yet still a long time ago, there were horse messengers. A message could be passed from place to place and get there in a relatively short space of time. Kings would have messengers riding across the country passing important messages to their armies and their enemies.

Long distance communication probably started with morse code. A series of beeps that represented letters of the alphabet. This was used early in World War I before more secret codes were formed.

In Tribeworld most of the kids are able to read and write so letters and notes are still in common use. As long as reading and writing is taught to the younger kids and the next generation this will never change.

The Eco-Tribe are a secretive tribe that like to keep to themselves out of the way of everyone else. They often communicate through noise. They use animal calls as a way to communicate with each other. They use these noises as a warning when something is threatening and they can keep in touch with each other if they become lost in the forest. Because these calls are only known within the Tribe they cannot be understood by anyone else. A bit like a secret code.

Ellie takes great pride in her publishing of the Amulet. This is a great way to communicate with everyone. It’s informative and keeps everyone up to date with the latest happenings in the city.