Tribestyle: The Style of Weddings

Ah weddings! Who can resist the call of true love and all the fun that goes with a wedding? The white dress, the bridesmaid’s, the best man’s speech… But not in Tribeworld! The Bride of Zoot The latest characters to tie the knot in Tribeworld were Ebony and Zoot – or what she thought was … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style of Weddings

Tribestyle: The Style of Mothers

There have been many tough times in The Tribe and people like Trudy and Amber have found that they have the added responsibility of caring for their children whilst trying just to get by in an uncertain and terrifying world. There are many teenage pregnancies all around the world and people all cope differently with … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style of Mothers

Tribestyle: The Style of Dating

Relationships can be very complicated and scary at an early age. Around the teenage years seem to be when you start to notice the opposite sex (or the same sex). Out of nowhere they appear and suddenly seem so attractive. There are so many variables with relationships. But most relationships start with dating. Lex Lex … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style of Dating

Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

We will all fall in love at some point in our lives – but we are all different and do things differently. How do you feel about love? What is your style? This special style article looks at something more important than clothes, fashion, hair or make-up and appearances – it’s what’s on the inside … Continue reading Tribestyle: Styles of Love…

History of Valentine’s Day

The Origins of St. Valentine’s Day Today Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially successful holidays in the world. The demand is high to buy chocolate, buy flowers, buy mass-produced love-letters, and even make construction-paper mailboxes for your school-mates to fill (or not) with pocket-sized tokens of their now-mandatory affections. The greeting card industry … Continue reading History of Valentine’s Day


This week we take a comparative look at marriage in Tribeworld and whether the traditions, as we know them today, have or will survive throughout Tribeworld to come. Take the plunge? Tie the knot? Get hitched? Ball and Chain? History of ceremonies in the Tribe There were three marriage ceremonies seen in the Tribe throughout … Continue reading Marriage

Love and Valentines Day in The Tribe

What is love? Love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness. A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair Feeling love towards … Continue reading Love and Valentines Day in The Tribe