Tribestyle: The Style Of Romance

In this Tribestyle we take a look at the recent romances in Tribe 4. What style did they follow? How does romance progress and what are the signs that romance is in the air…


When Ram set eyes on Ebony he was hit by lust. Ram already had two wives but to have this one would be the icing on the cake. Ram feels affection for people but he is careful to keep them at arms length. It is hard to tell whether Ram is capable of love because he doesn’t show this emotion very often.

When he met Ebony he admired her strong personality and her cunningness. He was looking into a mirror. Ram and Ebony have similar qualities and this certainly attracted Ram to Ebony.

Ram isn’t used to being told “no” so when he asked for Ebony’s hand in marriage and she refused he went into a wild rage. Ebony was in love with Jay – she didn’t want to be a third wife to Ram.

Ram set about his manipulating plan – he realised that Ebony was insecure about Jay and Amber spending any time together. Ram made a virtual scene between Amber and Jay and showed it to Ebony. Ebony was devastated and she agreed to marry Ram.

There was no love in this romance – it was brought about by pressure, power and greed.


Have you ever looked across the room at someone and had your eyes lock? A lot can be said of that first glance. There was obviously chemistry between Amber and Jay from the beginning.

Amber and Jay have similar personalities. They’re both out for justice, peace and a new and better world for everyone.

Neither of them were looking for another romance or relationship but if there’s something there then it’s hard to ignore.

Even though Jay has been with Ebony for a while now he was undoubtedly attracted to Amber. They shared a kiss at the Eco camp and they share glances at each other all the time. But will they act on it?

Jay needs to make a decision – Ebony or Amber. It’s not fair on Ebony if he leads her on when he has stronger feelings for someone else. And Amber needs to decide whether or not she is over Bray and looking to start a whole new relationship.

Series 5 will tell us how this love triangle will shape up…


Dee and Patch went through an awkward romance. They are both shy people and for a while they were too scared to recognise their affection for each other. They both liked each other but were unsure of the other’s feelings.

It can be easier said than done making the first move. If you’ve not had much experience it can be even harder.

It took a few awkward conversations and small talk to get them talking comfortably about what was really on their minds. But even then there can be mixed messages – Patch would get flustered when talking to Dee and he’d run off – she took this as meaning he didn’t like her at all.

They took advice from people around them but in the end they used their own judgement and tact to help the situation. They realised there was no need to be nervous or scared – it was all exciting!