Tribestyle: The Style Of Fame And Notoriety

Most people in The Tribe are known for something. The Mallrats were known for finding the antidote and for bringing down the Chosen. But certain individuals in The Tribe are well known around the city too. Here’s a few examples.


Ebony likes to get attention especially from men. When she became City Leader she certainly got the city’s attention. She had power over the city and a well known position to help her get her own way. Ebony doesn’t care how she is remembered or what gets her to the top – she’s interested in number one. She’s well known around the city but not everyone likes or trusts her.

Ebony likes to be in charge and if fame will help get her there then she’ll do anything to be remembered.

Fame can be wasted on some people – some people just want to abuse it.


Whenever a message needs to be spread across the city, Amber is usually asked to do it. She has great leadership skills and is well known around the city for her fair and just attitude.

Amber is a strong person and can get a message across clearly. She is good with words and is a natural choice for a city broadcast.

Amber is reluctant to take credit for something she’s done and never lets it go to her head. She is down to earth and does whatever needs to be done. In this respect Amber doesn’t want or need fame or notoriety – it comes naturally for someone who thinks of others as well as herself.


Zoot has become a martyr. Although he wasn’t around for long, Zoot has been remembered and worshipped around the city since his demise.

It is hard to tell what people liked about Zoot and why he is so famous. He caused terror in the streets and only a select few were ever close to him.

He certainly made an impact. He had control of the city and was admired for his legondary Loco’s and his ability to get anything he might want.

The Guardian was so impressed with Zoot’s will to live by Power and Chaos that he took it upon himself to carry on the prophecy.

Zoot’s fame created more Power and Chaos than anyone could have been imagined.


Ram was made famous all over the city because he brought back electricity and water. With these luxuries being gone for so many months, there was no wonder the Techno’s became an overnight hit. Most of the people living in the city couldn’t see the clouds for the trees. They didn’t realise that although they had power and running water – there was a price to pay.

Ram revelled in seeing the city so happy. He’s not a modest kind of guy, he liked feeling important and knowing that all this happiness was due to his great mind.

Ram liked fame – although he thought of himself a lot – all he really wanted was people to like him.


Trudy has had ups and downs since the virus. When she was captured by the Chosen and made Supreme Mother she may have thought this was her chance to be someone.

Trudy abused her power and treated people she used to love like dirt. Fame can do silly things and it took her old Tribe the Mallrats to bring her back down to earth again.