Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness

Most people get shy at some stages through their lives. Shyness at school is a biggie, so many different people and so much to prove.

Spot the shy one

Some people hide behind their looks and pretend to be something that they’re not to combat their shyness.

Others are just too involved in their interests to care about changing the way they look. They feel great when they’re involved in their interest and they can live with being shy when they have to deal with what life has to offer them.

Shyness can be really well hidden when people can make contact via e-mails and in chat rooms. Hiding behind a computer can be great and a real lifesaver to those who might find it hard to physically talk to others. The anonymity of typed words is fantastic!

It’s hard to be shy in tribeworld though. The clothes and hairstyles stand out a bit really!
There are some characters that try to keep themselves to themselves and only get involved when they have to.

Take Ryan for example, he dressed down a bit. He was a bit shy in his own way. He was used to being Lex’s right hand man and bullyboy but he was always conscious that he wasn’t quite as smart as everyone else.

Mouse and Charlie were both shy. They had spent so long in the streets that they tried to make themselves almost invisible and they wore darker clothes that wouldn’t draw too much attention to themselves as they crept through the streets.

Shy? Dressed like that?!

Patch was another one who would prefer to stay out of the limelight. He didn’t dress down too much but he certainly didn’t go for crazy hairstyles and stuff.

Some could say that Ram was a bit more than weird, he could be a bit shy at times himself. This could be because of germs or because he preferred the company of computers to humans. He dressed in a uniform that blended in with all the other Technos and didn’t particularly make him stand out any more than the others did, even though he was in a wheelchair.

Why am I so shy?

Was the Guardian shy? Well, he did speak out about his beliefs but he tried to keep his personal life personal and didn’t let many people get close to him. He started out wearing a priests-style robe but when he wanted to catch Tai San’s attention he seemed to know how to do it. Who could forget his white leather styles?!

Pride could be said to be shy. Or at least he seemed to be at first. He was a real nature boy and his clothes camouflaged him against the trees where he chose to live. He was more at home amongst the trees than he was in the world populated by crazies such as Zoot, the Big.G. and Ram.

If I grow my fringe really long, no-one will notice me.

Do you think that Bray was shy? He never really seemed to be the attention grabbing type. And unless you count the time he got all snazzed up for Zoot’s funeral, he could always be seen in earthy colours. He only stepped up to attention when he needed to get involved in the fight for freedom, justice and safety.

Well, there are all sorts of people who are shy. Some are more obvious than others are. You might be surprised to find that the person you least think is shy actually is!