Tribestyle: (A Lighthearted Look At) The Style Of Tribal Leaders

Everyone is a leader in one way or another in Tribeworld. But some take the role of leader a bit too seriously and actually think that they deserve to take over the whole city, country or world!So, we have the good guys and the bad guys and all the guys in between. Is there anything that links the style of a leader?

Zoot and Bray were both leaders and were related but they shared little more than bloodties. They had very different styles of dress and leadership qualities.

Um, maybe we should ignore this particular look as Bray was obviously not in the right frame of mind when he rummaged in the make up drawer for the eyeliner.

Bray usually wore earthy colours and dressed down as a leader. He did have one very long braid which is a style shared with another leader, Ebony. Hmm, maybe we’re on to something here. Come to think of it, Ebony does like the eyeliner too.

Okay, maybe the hairstyles are a clue as to what style might link leaders.Bray and his braid, Ebony and her braids … Zoot had a penchant for dreads and the Big G. had a mullet. Pride as leader of the Gaians had long dreads.Maybe leaders have to have long hair of one description or another?

But what about Ram? He had short hair. And so does Amber.

Okay, maybe it’s something about the style of clothes. But then again, maybe not. Bray has his earthy gears, Ebony likes her red and black outfits, Zoot had a thing for police styles, the Big G. liked his monks habit, Amber wears earthy clothes (apart from her Eagle outfit – those feathers, puhleeasse!) and Ram likes his tight tops as does Pride.

Hey, maybe it’s leather?! They all wear leather at one time or another. The Big G. and Ebony particularly like leather pants. And Amber and Bray have sure had their fair share of leather gears.

But what about Pride? Actually, don’t think he ever wore leather. Perhaps the link might be in the look that most of the leaders have on their faces when they’re in leader mode. We can see it best on Pride’s face.

It’s that serious, don’t mess with me, I’m gritting my teeth, this make-up is cool look.

Amber has this look on her face quite a lot – but maybe that’s because her hair is pulled so tight!

Okay, the evidence isn’t adding up here, apart from the looks on the faces of the leaders.

But, I think we’ve got it! Leaders have to be comfy! They do a lot of running around, fighting and swinging in and out of police cars and wheelchairs so they have to wear clothes that move with their bodies!

That’s it, we’ve cracked it at last. The style of a leader is one of comfort and practicality.

Wooh, look at that guy move!

Check out the easy moving styles of The Big G. after he changed his dress for a leather suit and platforms – and he tied his mullet back so that he could see who he was kicking.

That’s something that every leader must surely take into consideration when dressing for the day?

Join us soon for another look at Tribal styles.