The 12 days of Tribal Christmas

An exclusive Tribal (and fun) filled version of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ performed by some members of The Tribe cast… and a dragon? Thanks to Caleb Ross, Megan Alatini, Tom Hern, Lucas Hayward, Morgan Palmer Hubbard, Victoria Spence, Nick Miller, Beth Allen, Raymond Thompson…. and the singing dragon 🙂  

Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness

Most people get shy at some stages through their lives. Shyness at school is a biggie, so many different people and so much to prove. Spot the shy one Some people hide behind their looks and pretend to be something that they’re not to combat their shyness. Others are just too involved in their interests … Continue reading Tribestyle: The Style Of Shyness


Name Patch Series Series 4 Tribe The Wrecking Crew / Mallrats Biography Patch is brought into The Tribe by Pride. They are old friends. Patch is a smart cookie and knows lots of technical things about computers and seems to know a little about everything. Cast Member Name Morgan Palmer Hubbard Birthday 30th July 1983 … Continue reading Patch