Tribestyle: The Style Of Survival

Everyone in Tribeworld is out to survive. There are many personalities within the people in Tribeworld and each one uses different survival skills whether it be brains, brawn or deception.

LEX – sneaky

Lex is a tough guy. He’s always looking out for number one. He’s not afraid of much and is always on the lookout for a deal that will benefit him.

He sticks up for himself, although occasionally he takes on more than he can handle. His survival skills include bargaining, threatening when he thinks he can get away with it and often putting himself first – he won’t take risks for anyone.

Lex needs to be careful with his attitude – it can be deadly to create enemies.

BRAY – diplomacy

Bray is a leader and has the ability to talk confidently to others and reassure them. Bray knows that being alone in this world is not the best way to survive – he realises that a united group such as the Mallrats have better chances of survival.

Bray is democratic and believes everyone has choices. He is happy to muddle through situations and think them through clearly before a decision is made.

He is thoughtful to others and does not have any real enemies because of his ability to talk things out.

Bray survives with clear thinking and rational thoughts – it’s a process and it usually works.

AMBER – cautious

Amber is a true survivor. She’s made it through some very tough times including her own death. She’s been there for everyone around her and she always offers support.

Amber is a quick and logical thinker. She assesses a situation and makes the best judgement. She is a mixture of seriousness and having fun – but when it comes down to it – she gets it done.

Amber has been drawn between two ways of life – the Eco’s and the Mallrats – she’s had a support system wherever she goes. Amber is careful who she chooses to be friends with – she doesn’t take everyone at face value and this gives her time to find out whether or not they are on the same side and working towards the same goals.

THE GUARDIAN – scare tactics

Guardian has survived through scare tactics and bullying.

He realises everyone is scared and scares them into thinking that there is no life without the Chosen. Although he’s made enemies he is well protected by his followers. He’s brainwashed them into believing he will guide them through the eyes of Zoot and they’re prepared to do anything for him.

The Guardian isn’t stupid – he’s got a long term plan that keeps him at the top.

EBONY – deception

If one person survives past the rest, it will be Ebony. She is one tough chick! It takes a lot to phase Ebony and she’s willing to pull any strings for things to go the way she wants them.

She has feelings herself but seems to forget that other’s have feelings too. She takes matters into her own hands and no matter what the cost, be it kidnapping, lying, bribing (she’s done it all) she usually gets away with it.

Somehow Ebony has not yet been thrown out of the city. She is still tolerated among the Mallrats although they are all weary of her now.

If she was left on her own she could definitely survive.


TRUDY – strong willed

Trudy always pulls through. She’s had her number of problems including depression, mental illness, a baby to look after, love problems – but Trudy always pulls through.

When she was captured by the Chosen she realised the best way to survive was to “go along with it”. Perhaps she liked the power of being the Supreme Mother. Any way you look at it she did what was best for herself at the time.

She is a strong minded individual and beware anyone that gets in between Trudy and her daughter. Brady means everything to Trudy and the mother/daughter bond is a strong one.

Trudy would risk her life for Brady and this type of determination helps her survive.

PRIDE – simple life

Although Pride was brought up in the city he has always loved nature. Pride has learnt to survive on only the bare essentials. He does not need material possessions and is happy to live off the earth.

As part of the Eco Tribe, Pride had made the decision he didn’t want to go back to the city. He was happy with the simple life and simple pleasures. By not going back to the city Pride was staying away from danger. The city isn’t a nice place to be with warring Tribes and fights over food, shelter and leadership.

Now that Pride is with the Mallrats he’s had to adjust his thinking. He wants to do what he thinks is right for the city – VR goes against everything Pride believes in but with his warrior attitude he’s learning to survive anywhere.