Tribestyle: Style File – Do Blondes Have More Fun?

There is an age old phrase that says blondes have more fun. Do we believe this? Is it fact or fiction?

Let’s look a light hearted look at the evidence…


Ellie seems to be the argumentative type but with her flowing blonde locks she still manages to score a number of mighty fine looking men!

Jack and Luke have fallen for her charms and Ellie certainly seemed to have a lot of fun with them – and a lot of heartache too.

Ellie likes to keep her hair long and free and adds the odd feather now and again for added attention.

All in all this is one blonde who seems to have exactly the same amount of fun and misfortune.


Amber has some major re-growth issues and does not seem to be your typical blonde and bubbly party girl. She is very serious and sensitive, can be aggressive and feisty.

But she does know how to have a good time and the guys seem to go for her famous Zulu knots.

Amber has had good times with Bray and Sasha and really seems to be able to let her hair down when she is with a man that she likes.

Again, a blonde that has as much fun as she has misfortune.


Ved knew how to have fun and how to get into trouble.

He always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but managed to get out of trouble with his wit and his brain.

Cloe loved his short blonde locks and found a side to him that was very loving and sensitive.

This is one blonde who does have a whole heap of fun!


Jay is another serious blonde though you wouldn’t know it from this picture.

Constantly fighting to maintain his control over an ever increasing dangerous situation, Jay spent most of his time with a grim look on his face and didn’t have too much fun until he hooked up with Ebony.

True love? Who knows. But it certainly lightened the burden for Jay and he could show his fun side to the woman of his dreams.

A real mixture of seriousness and good times is this platinum poppet.


Well, the big G was in his own little world and didn’t have too much to laugh about.

Totally committed to his chosen path, serious to the max and in no mood to have any fun at all.

Perhaps he did have some fun in his own weird way. He did get some enjoyment out of converting people to the word of the almighty Zoot and he learnt to enjoy the good side of Tai San, even went so far as to alter his image and tie up his mullet.

However it is fair to say that the Guardian was not the conventional blonde and did not have as much fun as he could have if he had only loosened up a bit.


One blonde who did know how to have fun was dear old Bob.

With his luxurious coat of blonde fur, Bob was the image of happiness and joie de vivre in the world of The Tribe.

He could be serious when he wanted to and was a good companion for some of the younger ones.

But every dog has his day and poor Bob eventually lost his life.

He had enjoyed his time and was probably the most fun loving blonde out of all of them.


We would have to say from the evidence laid out before us that it seems that blondes don’t really have that much more fun than anybody else!