Tribestyle: Style File – Do Blondes Have More Fun?

There is an age old phrase that says blondes have more fun. Do we believe this? Is it fact or fiction? Let’s look a light hearted look at the evidence… ELLIE Ellie seems to be the argumentative type but with her flowing blonde locks she still manages to score a number of mighty fine looking men! … Continue reading Tribestyle: Style File – Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Patsy and Paul – Part 2

Supper was a fondue that night, Paul’s favourite. He loved dipping the bread and meat into the thick gloopy cheese sauce. Martha was in a good mood. Andrew had phoned earlier to say that he and Penny had arrived home safely and that Penny had perked up a bit on the drive. Martha was glad … Continue reading Patsy and Paul – Part 2

Pretribe: Families

PATSY AND PAUL – Two ‘lost’ young children after the virus struck. They had been sheltered from the damaging outside world although were very young to be separated from their close knit family. Patsy was very outspoken from a young age but at the same time was successful in school. She was the domineering sibling … Continue reading Pretribe: Families