Lex – Part 4

Lex came back two weeks later to find his father gone and his mother smoking and drinking herself stupid. He’d seen in the newspapers that a deadly virus was sweeping the city but thought as usual that the headlines were only attention grabbing. She seemed to have resigned herself to her fate and was enjoying … Continue reading Lex – Part 4

Lex – Part 3

Life carried on and Lex got worse. He was getting into trouble at school and hanging out with some of the kids from the rough side of town. Tim and Rose were constantly visiting the Principal of the school. Just after Lex’s 14th birthday, Tim’s mother, Lex’s grandmother, died. Things started going down hill pretty … Continue reading Lex – Part 3

Slade – Part 4

The sound of riots ringing in his ears, Slade crouched down behind some garbage cans. He caught his breath then poked his head around one of the cans – the gangs were throwing rocks through windows, running away with TV sets and stereos, hurling abuse at the raggedy group of army cadets that were valiantly … Continue reading Slade – Part 4

Ebony, Java, Siva Part 2

From the outside, things were certainly done right. Adah and Christo threw parties regularly, some for their adult friends, and some for the girls and their school-mates, sort of debutant balls for the pre-pubescent. Java and Siva always understood that this life was the dream and that somewhere outside the estate, reality still loomed, no … Continue reading Ebony, Java, Siva Part 2