Tribe German Language Books: Set 1: Lex und Ryan

Set one is the pre-story of The Tribe and focuses on the stories of Bray and Martin, Lex and Ryan and Amber and Dal. Band 2 – Lex und Ryan by Linda Jensen Price in New Zealand Dollars: (14.00 NZD). Bist du bereit für das außergewöhnliche? Tauche ab in die vergangenheit: Das leben vor The Tribe! Die … Continue reading Tribe German Language Books: Set 1: Lex und Ryan

Ryan Runciman (RYAN) Video Interview Exclusive!

Ryan (RYAN) in the spotlight in this video interview! Quicktime Version Please wait a few seconds for the Quicktimevideo clip to start downloading. Please note that this track is copyright © 2004 Cloud 9 (The Tribe) Limited. It is only available for personal viewing on your PC and must not be reproduced or broadcast elsewhere. … Continue reading Ryan Runciman (RYAN) Video Interview Exclusive!


Name Ryan Series Series 1, 2 and 3 Tribe The Mallrats Biography Lex’s sidekick and battering ram in any rough-house situation. Big, hard and slow-witted, Ryan is totally under Lex’s thumb. His slowness and naivety maska genuine, caring and sensitive soul, capable of enormous love and loyalty, particularly to Lex’s girlfriend Zandra. A rather sad, … Continue reading Ryan

Lex – Part 4

Lex came back two weeks later to find his father gone and his mother smoking and drinking herself stupid. He’d seen in the newspapers that a deadly virus was sweeping the city but thought as usual that the headlines were only attention grabbing. She seemed to have resigned herself to her fate and was enjoying … Continue reading Lex – Part 4

Pretribe: Trauma

Over the last few ‘pre tribes’ we have taken a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the President’s broadcast, and more! This week we examine different reactions in The Tribe to overwhelming trauma. *Trauma and how different characters in The Tribe dealt with it.* The most horrendous situation … Continue reading Pretribe: Trauma

News: 29th August 2005

New German Tribe Book! There’s another German Tribe Book in the making! Book 13 – Lex : Heart on Fire follows Lex from the beginning where Ryan, Zandra and himself arrived at the mall. His advances on Zandra, Taisan, and the sad death and disappearance of them both. Eventually Lex finds love a third time … Continue reading News: 29th August 2005

News: 15th November 2004

Cast Birthdays! This week Ryan Runciman and Vicky Rodewyk celebrate birthdays. Vicky will turn 16 on 20th November and Ryan will be 22 on 22nd November. We hope they both have a fantastic day! You can send your birthday wishes to and Latest Tribe 6 update and DVD news Cloud 9 is still trying to … Continue reading News: 15th November 2004