When Lex Met Ryan

A friend in need is a friend indeed

In Tribe Series 2 there is an episode that looks at life before the virus when Ryan explains the story of how he first met Lex. How did they become such good friends? Why? What twist of fate brought them together to form their dynamic duo?

This article in Pre-Tribe hops back in a Tribal Time Machine and looks at when Lex met Ryanä

Off to camp!

In the days when the virus had begun to spread – but not yet finished its terrible toll on the adult population – society was changing. Governments and civil structures wondered how to react to the threat of the virus, which they knew was going to exact massive damage to the world. What should they do? What parts of society should change in reaction to the virus?

Well, one area of change was the establishment of certain “boot camps”. Many kids and teens were (naturally) totally freaked out by the threat of the virus – and the likelihood that their parents or loved ones would soon disappear. For other kids and teens, their parents had already been afflicted by the virusä

The boot camps were established for two main reasons – firstly, they would provide a haven where distressed/freaked out kids and teens could go for help and counselling. Secondly, they would provide a home for kids and teens who had no other home to live in as a result of the virus`s workä

Into one of these camps stepped Lex – and Ryanä

When the going gets toughä

Had Lex and Ryan lost their parents? Or were they just totally stressed out by the threat of the looming virus? Whatever reason, Lex and Ryan arrived at the camp with other kids and teens.

But the authorities were not completely compassionate. Instead, the leaders of the camp (who were all female, ex-members of the army) felt they should “toughen” up the youngsters at the camp. Their belief was that if the kids and teens were distressed or behaving in odd ways then the best course of action was not to offer sympathy and compassion (which might make the kids even “weaker” and more distressed) – but to discipline the kids and teens, to make them tough so they could overcome their feelings and sensitivities.

A course of toughness – making the kids and teens tough in mind, spirit and body – this was the medicine that would prepare the kids and teens for the changing world after the virusä

Lex: Rebel with a cause

As soon as Lex arrived at the camp – and its brutal and tough approach – he rebelled. Lex hated the arrogance he saw in the staff members and how they offered no sympathy or care at all. Lex would joke and make witty comments when given orders. He would react to stern directive with a sarcastic smile or phrase.

Lex did not want the camp to “break him” – he didn`t want to be their on his own choice. It was his willpower and determination to resist the camp`s “toughening” approach. Lex was going to remain as Lex, nothing would change who he was – or how he behavedä

Lex even went as far as “chatting up” some of the female officers at the camp. He thought some of them were cute and attractive – but his “advances” at them were really part of his rebel strategy – he felt the officers were not superior beings above him who could give any order and have Lex and the others obey them without questionä instead, by blowing kisses and giving smouldering looks, Lex was belittling the officers, showing that they too were human – and making fun at themä

Mam is the word…

The main officer in “charge” of Lex was known as “Mam”. All the boys there had to call her “Mam” out of respect. She saw Lex`s rebellion as challenge to her authority (which it was) – but she was as determined to “break” Lex as Lex was to resist herä

This led to fiery confrontations at the training ground, on the obstacle course, at the camp dorms – “Mam” cracked down on Lex and punished him with extra exercises and work to do. This only increased Lex` s rebellion.

Right here, right now, right beside you – Ryan

Ryan was unhappy at the camp – although he went on with the orders and did what he was told. Ryan was impressed by Lex`s rebellious streak. He admired the way Lex stuck to his principles and didn`t surrender to the officers.

Moreover Ryan felt Lex was right – he thought the female officers were being arbitrary – doing what they wanted and giving orders for no good reason, just to strengthen their own authority. Ryan thought the “toughening up” approach was wrong too.

But Ryan was quieter than Lex – more of the shy type. It was Ryan`s approach to bide his time. He would speak to Lex (out of earshot from the female officers) and say how we agreed with Lex but he thought Lex should cool things down – otherwise the officers would clamp down even harder to crush any resistance. But Lex would not cool downä

Goodbye to you – and hello to friendship

One day Ryan openly supported Lex – and earned the wrath of “Mam” and the female officers. They felt Lex – and his “accomplice” Ryan – were nuisances and something had to be done to themä

Lex and Ryan were hauled to appear before the chief of the camp. She heard the reports of “Mam” as to what Lex and Ryan had done wrong. But “Mam” was lieing – she said Ryan and Lex had done things that they just had not honestly done in reality. She was lieing to try to get Lex and Ryan in even greater troubleä

Lex and Ryan flipped at her dishonesty. They thought this was the last straw – another wrong was being done to them when they were quite innocent here.

Lex and Ryan were sent away from the camp- dismissed. They were pleased to be freed. But their troubles and challenges were only just starting. Out of the adversity they suffered at the camp, a special bond was forged between them which created a strong friendship. This friendship would be tested as they were sent to an even tougher camp, and as the virus wreaked its toll, changing forever the worldä

So this is the story of how Lex met Ryan – and how they became friends. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.