When Amber Met Dal…

Before the virus Amber and Dal lived in the same suburb – Bellevue Heights – they attended the same school, though they were in different classes.

Dal was a year younger than Amber but was very smart and they just “clicked”. They met during a Spelling Competition at school. The whole school participated and Amber and Dal were finalists.

Amber liked Dal for his kindness and good natured personality – he was always friendly to new pupils and although he was very smart for his age he never thought of himself as better than anyone else.

Dal admired Amber’s compassion and sense of justice. If someone at school was being picked on or bullied she had a great way of showing the bully the injustice he was doing and turning them completely around. It didn’t always work but most of the time it did. She had strong morals and was a force to be reckoned with if you got on the wrong side of her.

Dal and Amber also liked to share a good laugh together. They hung out after school and spent time together during the weekends. There was never anything romantic between Amber and Dal but Dal did like Amber.

They often talked about the future. Dal wanted to go to University and study to become a Doctor like his parents (they were very succesful). Amber was unsure what she wanted to do and was waiting for something to enlighten her that would tell her in which direction she should head.

Their thoughts of the future were turned upside down with the onset of the virus. As the world collapsed around them it turned into a nightmare.

Their daily routine had gone. School was the first to go and then the adults and parents.

They were abandoned in a world without adults and they had to fend for themselves. They had to think seriously about food, water, and their safety against other kids. Where would they go?

Dal convinced Amber to leave the city. Their best chances were going to be in the countryside where there were less people and more resources. If they could find an abandoned farm they could collect rainwater, grow food and live in peace.

They had lots of plans and they didn’t have much time. Kids had started to ransack the city and their homes were no longer safe.

They packed up as many belongings as they could carry and were going off into the sunset together when all of a sudden they saw a young girl in