Pretribe: Trauma

Over the last few ‘pre tribes’ we have taken a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the President’s broadcast, and more! This week we examine different reactions in The Tribe to overwhelming trauma.

*Trauma and how different characters in The Tribe dealt with it.*

The most horrendous situation imagineable occurred in the world of The Tribe. A mysterious virus wiped out all the adults, leaving the children to fend for themselves in a world of tribes and warring gangs. The virus was the ending of life as everyone knew it. No more adults, no more school, no more safety. Just ‘Power & Chaos’.

The survivors, who were only children, saw the only way to survive was uniting with others into groups, or tribes. Together, they fought to survive in the remains of the past. Left in the wake of the virus, they had no choice but to survive – for themselves, for their friends, and for their parents. With no adults to guide, rule or protect them, the children of the world were on their own.

Their task: to build a New World in their own image…

Initially, while stocks lasted, the gangs and Tribes ate looted processed food. The Mall Rats, who took over an abandoned mall, maintained a food stash to feed the group. When this was starting to run low, (especially when Trudy needed baby supplies) Bray would go out and steal supplies and food from the Demon Dogs and strike deals with other people in order to keep them fed.

In the future, unless they can teach themselves the technology to rebuild the world they knew, they would have to become hunters/gatherers like their ancestors. They realised the need to maintain the farm and learn ways to survive both in and out of the city (just like Pride’s Eco-Warrior skills).

Individual groups reacted in primitive, often bizarre and at times manic, uncontrolled ways. The only way they thought they could survive was by violence and maintaining power. Some went over the edge with mad philosophies, like the Guardian.

But some Tribes – like the Mall Rats – realise that with disaster comes a new opportunity. A new responsibility. The future was their¹s to create.

For so long the children had existed in a world governed by adults. The framework of influence had always been parents, teachers, politicians. Would they Œscrew up¹ as they remember the adults doing, or can they evolve with new values, priorities, a new consciousness, a hierarchy and society which will eventually create a new sustainable world?

We’ve seen them grow up, deal with life threatening issues and occurences, but they’ve come through fighting for peace and justice. Nothing comes easy however, and there is alwasys a bigger and better Tribe ready to bring change to Tribeworld and threaten life as they know it!

SO what threats or changes will come to Tribeworld in Tribe IV. Life is full of surprises. They have to be ready to cope with the unexpected, adjust and survive…for the Mall Rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“We’ve gone through too much together, just to stand aside and let someone else take over. So if they want what we’ve got Š they’re gonna have to fight us for it”

“Power & Chaos – it’s the only way!”

“Don’t you see Jack? It’s not about being a fighter, it’s about not giving up.”

“NoŠstuff your dumb ceremonyŠI will never desert the mall rats you hear me?!”

“Zoot be praised and to his chosen victory”
-The Chosen-

Each character seemed to be affected differently, but how?

Some people coped better than others of course. It depended on their level of independence prior to the virus outbreak. Trudy not only had to deal with losing her parents who were so close to her, she had to deal with bringing another life into the world. Mixing this with a shocking post-natal trauma she ended up in the depths of depression. She could not see any future for herself or her baby.

Bray was responsible, independent and really didn’t show his emotions a lot, he knew he had others relying on him and fought to survive for Trudy and Brady. But he missed his parents terribly, and had found it very hard to cope seeing his father on his deathbed in the hospital. He would make sure he took care of Martin who was obviously going off the rails.

Amber and Dal stuck together to survive. Even through all the chaos they turned the situation they were stuck in to be positive to ensure their survival. They would look out for each other when the Loco’s were patrolling the streets, and when they saw Cloe wandering around like a lost soul they made sure she was protected by grabbing her and sheltering her from the vicious Loco’s. Cloe was seeking solace in her teddy bear. She was all alone and found it unbearable without her parents.

The Guardian (Jaffa) couldn’t cope at all well, he lost control and ultimately went insane. The whole situation threw him over the edge and turned him into a psycho maniac who was obsessed by the actions and life of Zoot.

Zoot had had enough of the world as it was. No more schools, teachers or books he said!! Enough of authority, he wanted to rule Tribeworld by himself and his Loco’s through Power & Chaos. He really had trouble coming to grips with losing his family though. However, he continued to resent the fact that Bray had always been golden head boy and so they didn’t provide support for each other at all during this traumatic time. Bray did try to meet with him and persuade him to make good of himself, but he refused, except to see Brady. In a short word, Zoot’s way of coping with this trauma was to create a new chaotic world himself.

Lex was independent. The virus really hadn’t affected him too greatly. Of course he would be devastated that the adult people he knew had passed away, but he was a tough boy with determination to succeed on his own. With him as good friends were Ryan and Zandra, and even though he didn’t think he needed them, they were always there to suport him.

How did they learn to cope without their parents guiding them through life?

The Mall rats coped with losing their families by joining together, creating a new Tribe and learning to live, survive and support each other as a unit. In this way, no-one would feel alone. They made rules to live by, created a fair environment where different people did the daily chores and tasks around the Mal,l including guarding it from outsiders, and decided that continued growth and knowledge was a necessity.

Could it be that the virus was not really as a result of an attempt to stop the aging process? Perhaps it came from man’s exploration of space, OR a scientific experiment which went terribly wrong, OR was as a result of germ warfare???

There are other problems and threats in Tribeworld now which would be more important – Survival is still the name of the game.